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I may actually be insane.
Just thought i'd recommend TuxTime, it's along the same sort of lines as Project-Dolphin but based on system uptimes instead of keypresses, you run a small client that periodically sends your uptime to the TuxTime site, Obviously this has no real purpose it's just a bit of fun.
There are currently Windows (Source Available), SNMP, Mac OS X, Linux, BSD, AIX, IRIX and Solaris versions of the client available for download.
Here is my "stats page" that shows all my current/average/record uptimes etc

They even provide images with your uptime in that you can use on your personal site or on forums as a sig/avatar, examples:

For more info visit: http://tuxtime.dk


I may actually be insane.
<? print implode ('', file('http://tuxtime.dk/txt.php?computerid=XX')); ?>
XX = your ID number

you can use the above code in conjunction with the tuxtime server/site to grab your uptime in text form :)

here's mine just as an example, obviously once grabbed onto your own sit you can customize the text...or perhaps even change it with php functions


...will circle this city
well, i've officially jumped aboard the TuxTime boat. All hands on Jewelzz...i mean on deck. yeah deck.


I may actually be insane.

hah :p

Aaaanyway, there's been a nice un-official client released for TuxTime/Windows you can grab it from here

and this is what it looks like (With a theme applied at least :D )
Originally posted by arson_nick
Looks like they've got some cheaters though, total uptime of 571812 days, aka 1500+ years?
LAMO 1500 Years.

That ain't even a linux box!

That can't be windows.

And an intel would burn out...
no cooling fan would last that long

It's alien technology!

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