Windows 11 Build 25151 released to the Developer Channel

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Microsoft have released what is effectively their latest weekly snapshot of their Windows 11 playground for features that may or may not make it into future releases as they gradually refresh all parts of Windows 11 from the frankly unfinished operating system that made its debut a year ago.

A smaller release this week, buit certainly larger than the beta releases which has largely remained quiet for the last month with the only update being A/B testing on a tabbed File Explorer that I haven't seen anyone become officially a part of, so we are hopefully due for some love their as similar builds are in the release preview channel now so general availability is not far away, but here is what is new in this release:

This build includes a small set of fixes that improve the overall experience for Insiders on their PCs.


[File Explorer]

Fixed a scaling issue which could result in the tabs being unexpectedly large.
Right clicking a tab and then clicking somewhere else in File Explorer should dismiss the context menu more reliably now.

  • We believe an underlying fix in Build 25145 addressed the recent issue where shutting down via the Start menu wasn’t working for some Insiders (unexpectedly rebooting instead), and as such are removing this from the known issues list. If you are continuing to encounter this issue with the latest updates, please report it in the Feedback Hub.
  • Fixed a high hitting Windows Security app crash.
  • Updated the Exclusions page in the Windows Security app so that file paths now make better use of the available space rather than truncating when space is still available.
  • Fixed an underlying issue which was causing a crash when trying to delete ports in printui /s.
  • Fixed an issue causing printing to not work from UWP apps for some Insiders in the last 2 flights.
  • NOTE: Some fixes noted here in Insider Preview builds from the Dev Channel may make their way into the servicing updates for the released version of Windows 11.
Known issues


  • We are working on a fix to address reports that the Mica material and Acrylic blur effect is not rendering correct in OS surfaces like the Start menu, Notification Center and other areas.
  • Some games that use Easy Anti-Cheat may crash or cause your PC to bugcheck.
  • [NEW] We’re investigating reports that some Insiders are experiencing bugchecks with error message KMODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED in NetAdapterCx.sys starting with Build 25145.

[File Explorer]
  • The up arrow is misaligned in File Explorer tabs. This will be fixed in a future update.
  • We’re investigating reports that launching File Explorer in certain ways when using dark mode (for example, from the command line) is showing the body of File Explorer unexpectedly in light mode.
  • We’re working on the fix for an issue causing Widgets preferences (temperature units and pinned widgets) to unexpectedly get reset to default.
[Live captions]
  • Certain apps in full screen (e.g., video players) prevent live captions from being visible.
  • Certain apps positioned near the top of the screen and closed before live captions is run will re-launch behind the live captions window positioned at top. Use the system menu (ALT + Spacebar) while the app has focus to move the app’s window further down.

As usual users in the developer channel can check for updates, new testers will need to sign up within the Windows Update settings.

Official WHQL NVIDIA 516.59 Display Driver

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NVIDIA have released new drivers for their Geforce powered cards adding official game ready support for F1 2022, Loopmancer and Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.


Additionally, there’s support for 5 new GeForce Experience Optimal Playable Settings profiles, and for the new GeForce GTX 1630. It also fixes the following bugs:

  • [Red Dead Redemption][Vulkan]: Some objects may flicker when player is indoors.
  • [OpenGL] Minecraft Java Edition may display artifacts when using Optifine shaders.
  • [OpenGL] Artifacts may appear in Second Life when connecting using third party viewers.
  • Neverwinter Nights] Light sources not rendering correctly.
  • [Vulkan] Path of Exile displays flashing black textures.
  • [G-SYNC] Games may stutter when bringing up the Xbox app overlay.
  • [UE5] General UE5 stability improvements.

I have been advised that Destiny 2 players should basically avoid 516 releases at this point.

Software Software 64bit NVIDIA 516.59 desktop drivers or NVIDIA drivers page
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Easy Method to Get Complete Right Click Back Windows 11

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My goodness, MS is making it hard liking 11, I understand they want cleaner experience, yet for those of us wanting the complete menu without two clicks, the "clean look" is brutal.

I wouldn't mind at all if they gave us an option to order right click, but they don't, and I suppose you can through the registry, but why, just give the option.

Anyway, open powershill or cmd, I did this without administration elevation.

Copy this, paste into your prompt, restart explorer, you should have your right click back

Ps, the "reg add" works like double clicking a reg file

reg add "HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID\{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}\InprocServer32" /f /ve

To go back to 11's right click if you don't want the complete list;
reg delete "HKCU\Software\Classes\CLSID\{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}" /f

Now you probably have to restart explorer, you don't have to do a full restart;

Open a file, that should bring explorer up to the top when you open task manager.

Highlight explorer, then in the bottom right it says restart, go ahead, it seems they've deprecated ending the explorer process in place is restart.

If you want the complete right click, do this before MS removes the reg function, your right click will be back.

Sadly, MSs removed the ability to ungroup taskbar icons through a reg hack and they might remove this ability too, so get this while you can

Windows 11 Work around for task manager and "create shortcut missing in right click"

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A few big mistakes from MS to work around;

First, there's no frigging ungroup task bar icons, second no task bar right click to get task manager.

Grouped icons is a security risk, I don't want all my activity on display when I hover, this is no acceptable, I've sent this issue in, but they seem determined removing ungroup entirely, they even disabled a registry fix, what's up with them this time around?

Type task manager from windows key, right click the icon, send it to the task bar.

Second work around, send it to the desktop, then right click, properties, create a shortcut so you have keyboard access to it.

Contributor and OSNN moderator points out,, right clicking on the start button also does the trick!

I sure hope MS abandons this minimalist approach, I'm fine with having "grouped icons" default, but not fine having no ungroup option.

I'm also not fine with no drag and drop to task bar, and I can't find "create desktop shortcut" in right click

The Actual, (technical) Reason Windows 11 Doesn't Support Some CPUs

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The actual reason, (in spite of conspiracies speculated on the internet), is technical rather than marketing (or otherwise conspiratorial).

Even though Windows 10 proved remarkably stable, the few crashes were almost always driver related, Microsoft is now attempting an elimination/reduction of those issues too.

First up;

Microsoft's "Mode Based Execution Control" (MBEC) is an important performance feature allowing better isolation of kernel memory, it's included in Ryzen 2 and Intel gen 7, (Ryzen 1, Gen 6 don't have it)

Users wondered why some Ryzen CPUs aren't certified for 11 now you know the answer.

After that, some processors adapt strict driver implementation and prove it, some either don’t or haven’t proven it

Then there are other processors that didn’t implement best security design, giving rise to the Meltdown and Spectre Flaws.

Even though those CPUs were patched, I don’t think they’ll get certified even if they follow the driver stability principles, but possibly in the future, depending on Intel successfully pitching their case and or adding firmware to the chipset I suppose.

Processors must follow the Windows Hardware Compatibility Program and drivers running on the CPU also must use DCH Design Principles and Best Practices - Windows drivers

Once a CPU model completes requirements, there might be a process getting them certified.

CPU and 11 compatibilities aren't some random date parameter, nor "so you buy new PC's

If a CPU isn’t certified, it won’t “officially” run 11, but there are work arounds.

Microsoft is working with both AMD and Intel to iron out the floors in their processors so there's a chance some that aren't certified will eventually become.

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