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Paid to surf programs


does anyone bother with these programs. im curious to hear what you guys think. even better... has anyone made any money using them? the only reason i ask is because i saw a blog posting earlier today about how to keep one of these services running in the background while you're browsing without being bothered by it.

heres the program I am talking about:

here's the post:

I just signed up under a friend and if you have firefox, this thing is great, Im just letting it run in the background until I get my first paycheck, hey, its extra money, and enough to support my web server.


I may actually be insane.
***UPATE 2/23 Looks like they hate Firefox
Well as of this morning, users that are trying to use Firefox are presented with window that Firefox is now banned… Well that just sucks. Luckily we can get an extension that will change your user agent string to IE’s with an icon on your toolbar. Go to:
Looks like Fx users are screwed then. I wouldn't bother with changing the user-string to be honest, does nothing but **** up things like stats etc and gives dishonest information to web-masters. Very annoying.


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I used to do it with AllAdvantage and some other one... back in the dayz when we only had 33.6k and 56k internet... lol :p

I probably accumulated up to around £20 (maybe slightly more), but had probably spent 300hrs online to get that... you have to be actively surfing the net, not just leave it online because the program detects cursor movements, page clicks and web addresses. Many people got caught using bots to automate clicks - they were only able to randomly switch over between 5 websites. lol


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site has seem to be really really ****ty lately. Seems like they would of thought ahead of time and bought faster and better servers.


yah, i wrote them and they said they are installing two new servers which are supposedly faster. lets hope it works soon so I can get my money! lol

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