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    Netgear WGU624 Wireless Router woes

    Hi. I currently use a Netgear WGU624 Wireless Router to provide wireless internet round my house. I've been using it for almost a year now, and for casual internet browsing, its fine. However, it seems to cut out when heavy traffic is forced upon it - eg. uploading files to my server...
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    Clean install

    Is there any way to reset my installation of OSX without using the CDs? My Superdrive is broken, but I'm selling my iBook on, and need to do a clean install on the drive. Thanks!
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    The borders on the tables on my site aren't playing nice. Dreamweavers' browser-check thinger is telling me I havent coded the border properties right, and the odd line is showing up black, and not 'clear', as I so desire. Can someone inform me as to the correct way to code 'em? <table...
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    [Official] Buy OSX Tiger!

    Stupid question - perhaps - but will Tiger come with the updated iLife apps, or will I have to buy 'em seperate?
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    Apple Store down

    Ooo, the main page looks purdy.
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    The point is I want something faster than using Google and Work, I want a program that'll open fast, gimmie the correction quick, and send me on my merry way.
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    I'm on the hunt for a free spell checking program. My options are either a small program I can have running in the dock, that I can paste text into, have it checked, then copy out and paste where-ever. The other option is a global spell checking type deal, that would check my spelling within...
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    Luxpro corp "Super Shuffle"

    Apple are finally reacting, apparently 'weighting up legal options' at the moment.
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    Newbie Questions Needed! :)

    No, I mean the iBook display. I'm almost sure I'd heard something like I described existed. Bah, oh well.
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    Newbie Questions Needed! :)

    Is there a hack somewhere to increase the iBooks display resoultion past 1024? I did hear about this before, just wondered if someone might be able to point me in the right direction.
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    AOL surpass themselves once again... Apparently this applies to anyone with an AIM account, not just those using the AIM official client.
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    March 2005 Desktop Screenshots

    Tweaked abit, took Daves advice and cleaned my dock up.
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    March 2005 Desktop Screenshots

    Aint done this in a while. Ooooo...
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    Ideal Date

    Roseanne Barr. Been there, done that, she ate the t-shirt. I'll never buy a magnum again.
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    Anything and Everything - Worth a look.