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Netgear WGU624 Wireless Router woes


I currently use a Netgear WGU624 Wireless Router to provide wireless internet round my house. I've been using it for almost a year now, and for casual internet browsing, its fine. However, it seems to cut out when heavy traffic is forced upon it - eg. uploading files to my server, downloading large files for longer than a few minutes, etc, which means I have to reboot the router and reset my connection to restore my internet.

I ran some speed tests (I currently have a 1MB package via NTL), and my download was running just under 1MB, but my upload was way down at 20kbps. Correct me if I'm wrong, but thats pretty ridiculous, right?

I was wondering if this was indeed a problem with the router, does this happen a lot with this model? Is there a solution, or would I be better advised to just get a better router?

Thanks for any advice you may have.


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