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AOL surpass themselves once again...


I may actually be insane.
Shame, the AiM network is a good one (The client's awful though) I've always had much less issues with it than MSN Messenger for example.

It's a good job the new version of iChat supports Jabber :)
thats crazy that AOL woud do that. it doesn't bother me though. as long as they aren't releasing my convo's to the public then im alright. and i've never had as many problems with aim than i have had with msn



I may actually be insane.
Until Skype offers the same functionality on all platforms, it won't happen. Plus the text based messages on Skype is rather ugly at the moment (doesn't bother me, but it sure puts a lot of people off).

It would be nice to have a unified multi-platform messaging protocol though.

MSN: Great on Windows, Stinks on Mac, Doesn't exist on *nix.
AiM: Official Client sucks hard, and now privacy issues.
Yahoo: haha.
ICQ: Dead, long time dead.
Skype: Getting there.
Jabber: Best alternative at the moment, bit daunting for the average user though.


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Does this apply to ICQ as well? I know aol(notice no caps) bought ICQ out, so I was just wondering if this was for ICQ as well?
I really like Jabber (XMPP), and there are some slick clients out there for it.
But until it supports audio/video, I don't think I could make it my primary IM client. That's the reason I still use MSNM most often. Just waiting for Skype to support video that's as good as their audio. That will be the day. :)


I may actually be insane.
Personally, I currently use IRC for the real talk, MSNM for idle banter and because "everyone else does", AiM because iChat is pretty :p and I've just this second installed a jabber client and am now a Jabber user (purely in prep for using iChat in Tiger and not utilising AiM).

I'd like to use Skype a lot more, but at the moment, no one else I know does, and one of my major gripes is that contacts aren't centrally stored. So when I installed it on my iBook, my contacts (both of them :D :p) were absent. I'm unsure if that's a problem with the OS X client, or with the network of whatever.. but it's quite annoying.
Unfortunately, the number of people on my AIM contact list (using Trillian, just for reference) is far greater than the number of people on my MSNM contact list. Back when I was in India, everyone used MSNM. On the other hand, almost everyone here in the U.S. seems to use this abomination called AIM. :p

Well, in any case...rather than linking directly to the TOS (which most people probably won't bother looking at), I'll be linking to this blog post that I just wrote. Explains things a little better to newbies and offers some suggested alternatives too. Time to shoot out some emails and add the link to the AIM profile. :)


Odd very odd. I think they will listen to certain known persons and their conversations rather than the ordinary man, woman or child.

[edit]I was thinking further about it, and well, lets think, maybe they use speech recognition software on their servers, which is triggered by keywords in many languages then the record button starts.[/edit]

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NetRyder said:
Everyone should dump this junk and move over to Skype. Nothing would make me happier. :D
We did months ago it's the only thing we use now,even got the family on it too so there's no more phone bills :laugh:

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