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What Car?

Trying to decide on what car to get next.
I have tried a BMW 1 series and it has alot of nice features but bloody expensive.
Anyone else got any ideas?
Not wanting something slow. Civic Type-r is nice but it dont have all the features of the 1 series.
Really I just want a smart car.
I can spend really up to £22k
No real requirements but Fuel Eco would be nice but it usually means crap speed.


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an evo :D

dunno what the cost is there but over here its within the price-range... gas mileage goes down though :(

the civic will give you good mileage I reckon... the US models are all ULEVs and therefore have high mileage per gallon/litre...

ULEV == ultra low emmission vehicle (california invention IIRC thats taking over the us... )
Evo isn't a bad option, you could pick up a VI or VII for about £20k - £24k.

I'll tell you what though... good ol' Veedub Corrado. Get a G60, spend a couple of grand on performance mods and a respray and you've got a decent car for a quarter of the price of any of those. Or just jump in and go for a VR6, you won't be let down!
Hmm if you dont like the MG ZR's - which will be below you price so you will have a few grand left for modifications what about 'Seat' some of the new ones are very very nifty but not the best looking.
What Mafia said - VW (and just about any other German car) take my preference over almost anything else on the road, undeniable reliability, not overly expensive, and well worth the money.

But the brummy has a good idea - the Leon Cupra is a very nice bit of a kit, not too costly, and have some very nice features. Their engine is powerful, yet economical, they look good and they keep their value reasonably well.


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New Golf 2.0 (150PS) FSI GT 0-60 in 8.9 Secs (Ok not THAT fast)
38.2 MPG (Not bad for a 2 litre!!)


Audi A3 Sportback 2.0 FSi Sport 5dr £19,820 Almost identical stats to the Golf!



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Get a nice Boxster 2.7 for around that kinda price if your looking at second hand. Looking at getting an S myself second half of next year, navy or purple will do nicely.

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Wanted a TVR Tuscan-s, but now they have been bought out by the russians, not really want one anymore :p

Really love my pug 306 dt, been looking at the 407, but am happy with the performance this gives me and the amount of diesel it uses (fill up once a month)...needs an amp and a sub tho. ;)

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