This is not pron


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Which is true....

Look here

is a riddle composed of 18 pages you have to get to, they get harder as you go and are pretty cryptic - it helps to know the guy who wrote this is German and to use Google for some of the text, maybe with "feeling lucky", there are other threads about this and the author is sometimes on IRC, quakenet I think channel "damnstupidriddle" or something - if you get past number 16 let us know, the knowledge is not out there yet, although some have made it through...


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i know that du bist immer so negativ is a band since for one he/she is usin winamp to listen to it. so its gotta do somethin with that. Also turn me on mr dead man is a song by a group called union underground since i use to have the cd and i liked the song. So maybe its me but its gotta do somethin with music or somethin.


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ahhh I git it now

Yea #3 has me stumped also, At first I thought it had something to do with turning on the monitor, but that is silly as it is already on, there is no call to function on the page, so it can't be waiting for you to play the song on your comp, there doesn't seem to be any active areas in the pic, also the title of the page is "Stop That!" maybe your supposed to try and "stop the song that is playing???" I am stumped.:confused:


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ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh It got it!!!!!!!!!! Whoooo hoooo. But I am not sure I did it right, or if I cheated.

Err, I think I cheated. As there are no stated rules, though, can it really be considered cheating???

But wow, wait till you get ot #4!!!


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TittleBitties said:
my gf found all the answers :) i am gonna get them from her. :)
just make sure you understand how to work them out! ;)

Some of the things you have to do get quite weird, I don't think I am
if I tell you that some of the things you have to do might involve going to a web-site to download an MP3 file maybe and then maybe play it in another format (like mpg) to have a password revealed to you.... Then again things are simpler to start with - I've forgotten that early one, but I think it's a Paul McCartney reference (notice page URL)


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what the hell is this about?
thought it was another one of those sh!t that's meant to scare people... lol
what am i meant to be doing?


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a1ehouse said:
Up to 11 but stuck here!
Look at the source - slightly closely.... remember you are on ELEVEN, right? :p

BTW if anyone wants to find a LOOOooong thread on another forum which discusses this at length - there is a post from me somewhere that links to the forum (I don't want to spoil the fun in case anyone is enjoying this ;) )

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