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Photos: New Peripherals from Logitech


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If Logitech is releasing a new lineup (which it appears that they are) then the new "top of the line" model isn't shown. I assume it will be a Bluetooth configuration (along the lines of the DiNovo Laser and MX5000).


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I've got nothing against logitech, but I don't like their design of their mice products. Also, on their entry-level mice, the scroll wheel seem well dodgey - scrolls up and down with the lightest of touches.
I don't like MS newer mice either... they don't have detents like they used to have on the older products (except for gaming mice).


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Microsoft has some sleek new hardware coming down the pipe. I might have to look into it.

Logitech has decent sets but has lacked with new products lately. The software is troublesome too.


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I have always had a fancy to Microsoft Hardware over Logitech hardware.

Still looks sexy though, especially since it's black :D
i tend to like the combination i've been sticking too for quite some time now...... Logitech for mice, MS for keyboards.

The software is troublesome too.
madmatt..... if you had the trouble i was having before with my Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 and the Intellitype software/drivers..... you wouldn't be complaining about Logitech's software, which so far i've had no problems with.


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I have the diNovo Laser (Bluetooth) and every time I open up WMP the SetPoint software "holds" onto it. Meaning if I close WMP then SetPoint keeps it running (not actively, but as a process). The only way to get and keep WMP closed is to kill the process for SetPoint.

Other than that I've had very good luck with Logitech software. It is certainly not bloatware and it is certainly useful.

I also have never had a bad experience with Logitech Support. They have replaced two keyboard/mouse combos without asking me to do much at all (I explained to them I was an IT pro).
think i can top your issues, madmatt. gladly it hasn't happened lately, but before, for some odd reason, a crucial registry entry would either become corrupt or vanish that allowed my keyboard to work (usually upon restart..... computer didn't get restarted that often at that time. lol). usually i'd have to unplug the keyboard, uninstall the drivers, reinstall the drivers, and plug the keyboard back in.

Sazar..... i'm not much into PC racing games, but...... DAAAAMMMNNNNN that looks like a boatload of fun!!!


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You win the prize for most annoying keyboard/mouse driver/software issue. That is far more annoying than my issue. At least I have an easy fix.

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