PC Pitstop

535. which I suppose isn;t bad since it said my IE cache was too low and recommended a burner. Which how can u dock points for that. hello that's what the 2nd system is for duh. Anyway I'm not really taken the score too seriously as I was..

1) Burning Mp3's from this system via a 2nd one across the network

2) Running and full system virus scan

3) Purging and compacting email messaages within OE on my local and IMAP acct

4) And last but not least watching a fast and the furious in media player from my Cd-Rom (the dam video test made me miss a good scene)

5) Running a visual trce route to the PcPit server (that really didn't help especially since it was during the bandwidth test

6) And it apparently didn't like the fact I had no drive labels, hell i know what's on the drives and letters work fine for me with no problems.

7)and of course Chatting on yahoo, and icq

As you cant tell i don't like sitting staring at my system for 5-10 minutes while this thing dicks around

Oh i also was advised to up my RAM, though it already meets requirments, and am planning to anyway. so I can only imagine wwhat score I'd get if i reboot and ran it with nothin running in the background
my score dropped to 314

And i just De- fragged , optimized the registry

Originally posted by Powerchordpunk
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Do I when the award for the highest score yet?

BeleeDat. ;)
Intel Pentium III, 730MHz


Drives C, F, G, H, I


MSIE 6.0; 5.1

Windows XP

A Winner!
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I got a 425

P-3 866 MHz
40g Maxtor
Nvidia 64mb DDR
Nec 12x DVD
Sony CD-R RW
Sound Blaster Live
Altec ADA-885
XP Pro
:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

Athlon 2000+XP
Soyo K7V Dragon +
128 mb ram ( :\ thats where i lost most of my points)
40g HD
Geforce 3 Ti200 oc'd 220/500 (after i ran test)
Phillips acoustic edge soundcard
Polk Audio surround sound 5.1 system
893.....took 30 off for browser cache and dialup download speed.

I'm not unhappy at all since I haven't tweaked yet.

Athlon 1700+
60 gig Samsung Hard drive
256 DDR memory
Gigabyte GA-7VTXE motherboard
56k PCI Software modem :>( (only bad thing about this computer) but what the heck, it was free :>)
I think if you get over 1000 you have a TOP running PC.

Of course it has lot of factors, but 1000 seems a good direction to aim for


I'm tempted to be disappointed seeing as a lot of you all have systems that blow mine right out of the water, but then I have to remember that I just got this box a couple weeks ago and could be stuck using my 200 pentium pro (or the 166 laptop...wheee!)still.

128mb RAM
30gb 7200 Maxtor HDD
60gb 7200 Maxtor HDD
32mb NVidia Riva TNT2 64
PcPitstop results

I have all black flags with 731. It recommend that I install a CD-RW but I already have one so it didn't see it.

My system is:

Windows XP Pro (Clean install)
AMD 1.333 T-Bird
A7V PC 133 mobo
30 Gig Maxtor HD 7200
Nvidia TNT 2
SB Live
Desktop Theater 5.1
CD-ROM (52x)
19" KDS screen
D-Link (530tx)

For security I have:

Norton Anti Virus 2002
Zone Alarm Pro
Script Sentry
XP Pro native Firewall Enabled

That's about it.
tweaked a bit and got a higher score

tweaked a bit and got a higher score

up to 999 now. i cant seem to break a thousand. ne1 got ne ideas on how to get it up a few points
Only got a 901, might have to do a bit of tweaking me thinks...

Pentium 4, 2.00 GHz
1 Gig Mushkin 2100 DDR-Ram
MSI 845 Ultra-ARU Motherboard
Leadtek Winfast A170 DDR T GeForce4 MX440 64MB DDR
40 Gig Seagate HDD
52X Sony Cd-Rom
Sony CDRW 1611 CD Writer
19" ViewSonic monitor

XP Pro
DSL connection

yep, got something like a 306, but then look at my specs....
My second comp got 622
It is what I kind of expected, not really good, not really bad...

P-3 1Ghz MHz
60g Maxtor + 60Gb IBM
GeForce3 Ti500
Toshiba 16x DVD
Yamaha CD-R RW
Hercules Game Theatre XP
Asus CUSL2
XP Pro

it says that i should have more ram...i have 256


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