PC Pitstop

do a full test. then near the bottom once it's all done, there's a button to see your score.
YES!!! 1369 that sounds pretty good to me just need to defrag and not getting the correct d/l speed
My Score: 1528

Few Specs:
P4 3.0Ghz
2x512 OCZ EB Platinum PC-3200

I dont know about all of you but I'm pretty impressed, lol
I get 1158 and no red nor no yellow flags. It does not tell me to adjust anything, so i spose I have the top score for my specifications.
ElementalDragon said:
damn, only person i think that beat me so far is Wrathchild.

Overall score for system "DESKTOP": 1605

P4 2.4 @ 3.0Ghz
512MB dual-channel ddr400
GeForceFX 5700
Western Digital 120GB SATA hard drive

Suicide pact: what connection you on?

Just using my home aDSL through Mindspring. I do have the cable connected to Gigabit E-net jack, but i don't think that would make a diiff. w/out a proper router.
I thought I would post my results graphically, if anyone has a similar system are your results better or worse?


  • PitStopRes.gif
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Overall score for system "BLAH": 1082

System AMD Athlon XP, 2000 MHz
Memory 512MB RAM
Disk Drives C, D (serious problem )
Video NVIDIA GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8X
Internet MSIE 6.0; ATT CSM6.0; SV1 (minor problem) I use firefox but i didnt feel like waiting for the download.
Windows Windows XP SP2

3.4 Ghz LGA775 DDR2 Intel. Raid 0 Maxtor Diamond max 10 300Gb X 2. 512 Mb Crucial DDR2 RAM. (I had one bad stick, it will be 1Gb) XP Pro SP2, PCIexpress Sapphire X300 128Mb.

I got hit for a fragmented C drive and using IE.
System Intel Pentium 4, 2800 MHz
Memory 1023MB RAM
Disk Drives C, D, G, H, I
Video RADEON 9700 PRO
Internet MSIE 6.0; SV1; .NET CLR 1.1.4322
Windows Windows XP SP2
PC Pitstop used to be one of the places id rate my machines performance, the last time I was there it told me the performance was low on my second hardrive even named the hardrive. The hardrive was removed awhile back. ??????????????? beware! frogg_mann
ElementalDragon said:
why on earth did you get ddr2? isn't that still rather buggy/unsupported?
It's fine other than the bad stick I got :D .

And only $158.00 per 512 of Crucial. I have seen people pay more for less. Why on the DDR2 though? Cause the 925X chiset REQUIRES it. And I wanted the fastest server other than a dual xeon SCSI setup, I'm formatting the other drives right now.

The new 775 seems to fall behind in the SSE department, but teh other ratings are off teh chart!!! That and teh system is running in single channel mode.:( But newegg WILL replace teh bad stick or RAM.

I read everything I could find on the new stuff, teh OCT is a better idea, and the bandwidth is-will be higher. Some people were knocking the CPU for running hot, but it's cooler than my 2.8 ?????:confused:
i got a 1475. i dont think thats too bad considering it didnt detect my download speed, my c:\ is 23% fragmented and its a laptop.
I got a 1336, quite pleased looking at what some folks are running.
make that 1351 , even better and i still aint done a defrag
Im hitting 1950's non oc'd and 2440s oc'd:nervous:

AMD 64 3000+
MSI KT8 Neo MoBo
512x2 Kingston,VR 333
Nvidia 5900 Ultra
S.B audigy Ls
19" KDS mon.
Got all chequered flags and an overall score this time of:

Your System Score
Overall score for system "********": 1283

First time I've tried that. Pretty neat.

Got a yellow flag for: The maximum size of your Internet Explorer browser cache is 125 megabytes. This is a larger value than we recommend.

Also got a yellow (minor problem) in Internet Configuration: Bandwidth UpNot tested

I guess firewall blocked that test.???

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