PC Pitstop


but i was running a fair few apps in the background :|

T'Bird 1gig
640meg Ram
I got an 834, which makes me purrty happy, considering I just spent a thousand bucks upgrading the Machine last weekend :)

I say upgrading, but actually the only carryovers from my old beasty were the video card, modem, dvd player and case. Everything else got swapped out. :D
899 I would have got 10 point higher but it though my internet exploror cache was to high so it took off 10 points.

AlthonXP 1800+
Asus A7A266 mobo
Hercules Prophet Geforce3
512mb DDR RAM
Windows XP Pro
40gig HD 7200rpm, 20gig HD 5400rpm
Roadrunner Cable Modem

Athlon 1300
256 Mb
56K Dial-up
Radeon 32DDR

Still tooo damm slow !!!:eek:
damn I got a real crappy score. For my system. Damn people on dial up get a better score.

443 on my system

P3 733MHz
512M ram
Diamond Viper 770ultra (TNT2 Ultra)
1Mbits DSL (same speed up and down)

not too bad I think...

Is that good, bad, indifferent? I've never heard of or used PCPitstop b4.


athalon xp 2000+
512 meg of ram
asus geforce 3

lost 10 points due to low ping and thats only because its impossible to get under 250 from australia
Test your PC

I got 732........not bad

AMD Athlon 1.333
Asus A7V 133
256 Meg SDRAM
Maxtor 30 Gig, 7200 rpm
Sound Blaster Live
Win XP Pro

Score of 826

Athlon 1.2 gzh
512MB Ram
Win XP
Alot of my speed has to do with teh 245MB Ram drive I set up...Makes almost everything run off that instead of the slow ass hard drive. =)

Got a 471, after making a couple of recommended tweaks. I think thats pretty good, considering most of you folks appear to have systems much faster than mine.

My sys:
Athlon 750 mhz
512 mb SDRAM
Nvidia Riva TNT 32 mb
30 mb Western Digital 5200 RPM
jamichel2000 : nice box

Guys what can i do to get a better score ?

Ive got 512MB ram

700MHz Athlon
880 for me

I got one red flag, with all the rest being checkered. the red flag was for my hard drive.

TIP > Upgrade Disk Drives

Of the total 37.26 GB of disk space available on this system, just 1.27 GB (3%) is still available. . . Generally, it is a good idea to maintain at least 25 percent of disk space free.

25%?!?!? :confused: so if I need 40gb worth of space, I really need a 53.3gb+ hard drive? that's lame... what good is space if you can't fill it up?
PC Pitstop Score

I got 1080 but I have dial up which is really slow. My system:

P4 1.8
IBM 850MV Motherboard
512meg RDRAM
GeForce3 500 ti
IBM GXP 40gig 7200rpm
Pioneer 16X DVD
TDK 24X10X40 CD-RW
KDS 17" Monitor
Sound Blaster Live
Supramax Modem

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