OSNN Fantasy Football Thread

What host should we use?

  • ESPN

    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • FleaFlicker

    Votes: 1 25.0%
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Re: Fantasy Football League

That sucks. :(
Re: Fantasy Football League

That sucks. :(
Picking your players in the draft is real easy, go to any sports site and look at the top 10 players in each position, just remember if you don't get the first pick you have to look at the players. If you are do the live draft you watch who was picked and go from there. Defenses are a fun thing look your list and try and get one of the top 10. the hard part is picking your back up players.
Re: Fantasy Football League

It doesn't suck, defense is lame because all they really get is tackles, fumble recoveries etc, - team defense is better
Re: Fantasy Football League

the overlord hath spoken.
Now that the bad defense things are done, I'm going to tell about what a great defense pick can do for you, the main thing is points, a fumble here, a couple of sacks there, and pick off three bad passes, the points there win fantasy games. Last year I had a offense that sucked big wind, but a defense that bought home the points, remember it only takes one point to bet anyone in this game.
Re: Fantasy Football League

*moves patriot defense down on the list*
Re: Fantasy Football League

I was just trying to say that I think offense is more fun than defense is to watch and track. You are limited to how many categories you can do, so I decided to load the offense.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Mr.K, I think all who are going to play are here, will you be changing the draft date? lets have a vote on a date which we can agree to including time zones.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Is it to late to join?

Lions on Friday tho! Yeah Boi!
Re: Fantasy Football League

I don't see why not. Just go to first post, follow link, log on to yahoo and join.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Tittles, see if you can fine someone else too, the league must be a balance number to start. Happy Hunting


Haven't been reading up on the players so I aint gonna bother and plus last time I did it I forgot about it after like the 4th week lol
Re: Fantasy Football League

Sign up Tittles, bring a friend because the more are always the merrier :p

I'd like to hold the draft this Saturday - time is debateable.

I'm going to send a message out from the Comissioner Console shortly.


Not sure if you are in Tittles, but we currently have 9 so you can sign up so we are even again :)
Re: Fantasy Football League

Yea draft! :D
Re: Fantasy Football League

Nads - time preference on Saturday? Does that day work for you?
Re: Fantasy Football League

Nads - time preference on Saturday? Does that day work for you?
Mr.K, Saturday works for me, you may want to post time by time zone so no one misses it. If the the time is somewhat in the middle of the day it might workout better everyone.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Saturday is fine and dandy. Only thing I need is that it be after 12 noon Pacific Daylight Bullchit Time. Please. I won't be at 'puter till after then. Actually away from 'puter from about 9am till noon. So, if that works, cool. :D
Re: Fantasy Football League

Saturday afternoon works for me as well...willbe around 3:00 or anytime after for you east coasters.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Saturday anytime works for me, I will be setting up my autodrafter...


Mike A!
Re: Fantasy Football League

3PM EST then on Saturday?

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