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What host should we use?

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Re: Fantasy Football League

all set...lol this is going to be a train wreck..LOL!!..Good fun though..:laugh:
Glad that worked then :D

If anyone else has a similar problem, PM me your e-mail and I can send the official Yahoo invite
Re: Fantasy Football League

Go for it, but not sure Yahoo covers that :p

Play anyways, should be fun :D
Re: Fantasy Football League

Will look into an English one.
Re: Fantasy Football League

I have a fantasy but it doesn't involve football ;)
Re: Fantasy Football League

Just the whole team. :p

Re: Fantasy Football League

So come on now then, what is your fantasy?
Re: Fantasy Football League

Tis between me and Amanda ;) :p
Re: Fantasy Football League

No actually,it's got nothing to do with football or footballers so nah :lick:

Hey, I already posted the girlie covered in chocolate. And the pics I have of you all covered___, well I ain't showin them ta no one. :speechless:
Re: Fantasy Football League

Never played fantasy footy. I'm thinkin I'm thinkin. :s
Re: Fantasy Football League

Just to give a little bit more of how it works, for those who might not be sure -

It starts with a Live Draft, which means you have to be there to pick your teams. If, for whatever reason you can't make it, Yahoo will auto-pick your team for you. This works on a ranking system which is pulled from last year's performance. Say, for example, Peyton Manning is 1, Tom Brady is 2, Larry Johnson is 3, etc (not actual, just for conversation sake). If you are not there, and you are slotted to pick #2, if the first pick was not Tom Brady, you will get him. So, it kind of works out well for you :D

Once we have our league set, i.e. enough people (I think 20 is a bit high, may lower it to 10 or 12), we can take a poll on when is the best time for everyone to attend the draft. I know there are different timezones here, so we can be flexible about it, find out when the best time is everyone, etc.

Then, basically you just have to have your "team" setup each week. You will have bench players, which come in handy when other players are on a "bye week" (each team gets 1 week off of the 17, so they only play 16 games).

The league format is heads up, so each team plays agains another team each week, therefore it will be in a W-L-T format.

Weeks 15 and 16 are the playoffs, as week 17 usually most starters don't play much because most teams have locked up the playoffs by then.

Hope that helps out a little :)
Re: Fantasy Football League

Currently have 6 people, I'd like to get 2-4 more as 8-10 people would be a nice setup :)
Re: Fantasy Football League

Ok League...The Fantasy Football Draft Kit from the SportingNews includes updated rankings, stat projections, latest player news, injury reports, draft tracker worksheets, expert columns and much more. good stuff :)

Sporting News Draft Kit page & Downloads
Re: Fantasy Football League

^^^Cheater - just kidding :)

We need more players!!!!
^^^Cheater - just kidding :)

We need more players!!!!
Mr. K,
I still don't understand why we can't get any other of our members to play, I quest they're just chicken to look bad, I think you may have to shorten the number of players this season.

I never played it, but i still already joined like a week ago.
Someone gonna have to help me with it :)
Don't worry it's easy to play, if you havee any question give me a ring.

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Re: Fantasy Football League

Mr. K,
I still don't understand why we can't get any other of our members to play, I quest they're just chicken to look bad, I think you may have to shorten the number of players this season.

I will soon enough, just giving more people a chance. I assume most people just aren't into sports :s
Re: Fantasy Football League

We are still at 6, come on people :D


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