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What host should we use?

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    Votes: 3 75.0%
  • FleaFlicker

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Re: Fantasy Football League

Ok nevermind...

Re: Fantasy Football League

I'm confused, is something wrong?
Re: Fantasy Football League

I'm confused, is something wrong?

well yes and no...

no because I wanted 10 people...

yes because I wanted number 10 to be one of my friends...

Oh well..
Re: Fantasy Football League

Sorry man, it's nothing personal.

We had an empty slot for awhile now - if you can find 2 people who will sign up in time I can bump it to 12.

Just need even counts.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Oh great, a ringer. Make the new guy's team play against Lawman's team first. :p
Gonaads, no ringer, he's a member that has never posted anything, and no as much as you do about football, smile.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Mlakrid - I just bumped it to 12 players incase you want your friend to join.

We can find someone else last minute if necessary.
Re: Fantasy Football League

7.5 hours until go time :smoker:
Re: Fantasy Football League

Less than two hours to go, guess Mike A didn't get to see this in time :(


Just FYI - there is a chatroom as part of the live draft experience. Please don't spam in this thread during the draft :D
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Re: Fantasy Football League

I'm in there waiting, come and get it!!!! :D
Re: Fantasy Football League

I'm there.

This is gonna be interesting. :D
Re: Fantasy Football League

Now how does the draft determine which team goes first?

17 mins. :D
Re: Fantasy Football League

Talk in the room Gonaads, easier to explain/show that way. If you go and join the draft it will load a Java applet with a chat room as part of it.

But, I'll answer you here too - the draft is random. tdinc got first pick, I am 3rd :(

You can pre-define it, but I left it random.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Nice draft yesterday - good luck to everyone :)
Re: Fantasy Football League

So nest year were going to draft in reverse order to the league points?

Like whoever placed first, drafts last, just like in the big time?
Re: Fantasy Football League

Now that would be fine. It's the way of the football world. Well, in the U.S. anyway. :p
Re: Fantasy Football League

Now that would be fine. It's the way of the football world. Well, in the U.S. anyway. :p

So long as we play a keeper league...

As in you can keep "X" amount of players... most leagues it is 20-30%...

In our league I would say 2 or 3...

Just my opinion... also, of course, we should be allowed to trade a kept player for a draft pick.
Re: Fantasy Football League

I agree, but this is a post Superbowl discussion with the owners, and then we have to go over profit sharing and address the competitino committee.

This is all something we can iron out after this season.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Now down to business...

I have several people on my roster I am willing to trade in order to get a more balanced team... If you have a serious trade offer... I would consider the following offers:

Top Echelon TE's or Top Echelon RBs or Mid-Range WRs to fill the WR core.

Send those trade requests people...

Re: Fantasy Football League

mlakrid.. I may be willing to look at trades..

edit: you can put people on the trading block for players that you are willing to part with..

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