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What host should we use?

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Re: Fantasy Football League

Whens the draft?

and how are teams setup?

As in Offense only and team defense?
Re: Fantasy Football League

Offense Only - team defense.

Most rules/scoring scenarios are on the page, although I will probably tweak them before the draft actually happens.

Games start around Sept 10th I think, so probably a week or so before hand.

We can get a popular opinion as to when the draft will be good for everyone.

It's a live draft, but if you miss it Yahoo auto-picks for you based on a players performance last year.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Offense Only - team defense.

Ahhh ok... I know I want to be there I guess time will tell...

Everyone watch out!

The Ron MEXICO Fan club! is coming for your A$$!!

Re: Fantasy Football League

Sweet, welcome ;)

One more and we will have 8, that can be a fun league.

Come on Gonaads you slacker :p
Re: Fantasy Football League

The Gearheads are gonna put the smackdown on ya. :devious:

Now someone is gonna have ta hold my hand through this. :p
Re: Fantasy Football League

Who is the bizzaro lions?

My team gets to trash them first. :p
Re: Fantasy Football League

I'm pretty sure Tdinc is the bizarro lions...that whole Michigan, Detroit thing.
Re: Fantasy Football League

The pigeons? No no, theeeee ummmmm, Grasshoppers, noooo that's not right. Errrrrrrrr, the flightless birds in tuxedo suits! :p
Re: Fantasy Football League

It better be at body temp or I don't want it.
Re: Fantasy Football League

There will be no penguin dung on the football field.

Thank You.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Just broken legs, hyperextended knees, dislocated shoulders and the occasional concusion. :p
Re: Fantasy Football League

OK, I have made a few changes to the league....

  • Knocked max teams down to 10 from 20 (more realistic anyways) - still leaves room for two more if they sneak in :)
  • Cleaned up and solidified point values and categories I want to actually have score in :lick:
Anyone have a date/time preference for when we hold the draft? I understand it may be tough with the time zone differential, especially for mlakrid who I think is half way across the world :eek:
Re: Fantasy Football League

actually he can pre-order his draftees, and then the board will go off his pre-order list, in case he doesn't make the draft. Everybody should at least rank their draftees in cse they miss the draft.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Well yeah that too, but it's also fun to have everyone there.

Also if they aren't there, Yahoo will auto-pick for them based on last years performance.
Re: Fantasy Football League

When I signed up it showed Sept. 1st (at 6pm PDT) as the draft day. Has it changed or can you change it to your liking?
Re: Fantasy Football League

I just pushed it far back so we got things settled.

I can change it to anything we want/need.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Login, click on "My Team" and then you will get the option, as shown:


  • football.JPG
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Re: Fantasy Football League

Login, click on "My Team" and then you will get the option, as shown:
Well, Mr. K it appears some of the members willbe enjoying this season with us, but who let that bird on the field, I agree no dung on the field just broken bird heart, and very tried G-men. Have a good season guys, and anyone needing help give me a ring.
Re: Fantasy Football League

Big question, how do you set up your draft? Well I mean how to set up the order for which you want to draft your players. I already adjusted my drafting order the way I want but what about defensive players. Where is that list? Cause the drop down box for Defense has no names. It just has team names.
Re: Fantasy Football League

The point system gives a team defense, based on scores allowed and yardage allowed. This is why you can only pick a team. Just pick a team that you think has a good defense for the season.

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