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Yah, 1 million PS3's out of about 400-500k are folding. Amazing maths :D

I wish I could work for Sony and put out random numbers. :smoker:

So at the moment there is apparently an issue with the PS3 servers and project upload/downloads.

My system was on all day and wasn't able to log onto the server and submit my WU that I finished around 4AM.

Oh and btw, I am still waiting for credit for my 1500 pointer :)
I have a question, Is there a Folding client out there designed for off-line folding.
example: download a work unit, load it to a PC that has no internet access, crunch the unit then able to upload back? I googled and searched but to no avail.

I know it sounds a bit odd, but.... At work I have 5 pc's with heavy horsepower that would be ideal for some kick-ass* numbers...

anyone? :)
not really. You can config the command line client to pull workunits without deadlines. I believe you can also set it up to pull down up to 10 WU to work on at a time. So, if they only occasionally have access to the internet, you can have it submit in batches.
Hooray, I am folding another 1500 pointer and I still haven't received credit for the one from before :)

Good times roll on :D
Hah, I had to reboot for an update 3 days ago and the 5000 frame WU I had just finished, like a minute before, got wiped. :s
/me snickers

5000 frame


I am working on a 1.2 million frame wu :D

I kid obviously, and I am still waiting to see if I get credit for this sucker :(
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Aaaaaaa, they lost it. Go do it again. :p
Well you don't see me with credit for it yet do you?

It's already been submitted :)
Like I said, they lost it. Maybe some database glitch. *looks around for EP* :rolleyes:
Seems like they are crediting back some of the older WU's.

Now I am apparently only missing the 1500 pointers :D

Hooray for stuff and what not. \o/
/me bans Carpo

Your jokes offend my sensibilities.

Now FOLD :smoker:
that was what he said to me in another thread ;) , now leave me be before i fold you over :p
On a positive note, our team's overall output has gone back up a little bit over the past few days.

Kudo's to all and if anyone is still on the fence, or has a PS3 sitting around that could f@ld, please join up :)
im about 45% through doing my backups, this quad core is allowing me to do near 4 (2 passes each and encoding the audio :p) a night :p so give it a month and i should be back in and folding overnight for 8 hours while im sleeping :)
carpo, if you have a quad core, I would suggest looking at getting the SMP client working. The SMP work units are giving over 1000+ points per unit..
The quad's are beasts because the SMP client pulls WU's with high point counts.

Even a dual-core core2 will be able to produce 400-600 ppd depending on load and clocks.
im just scared what with me encoding to x264 and folding my cpu will blow up or something - obviously not doing both at the same time ;)
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