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12 Apr 2002

I have decided to start a FRESH thread to encourage more people to join and to reduce the number of pages people have to sort through for useful posts. If this thread grows as large as the previous one, I will start another new thread.

The old thread can be found here.

The concept of Folding @ Home is quite simple. I'll let the Home Page description explain it all.

Folding@home is a distributed computing project -- people from throughout the world download and run software to band together to make one of the largest supercomputers in the world. Every computer takes the project closer to our goals. Folding@home uses novel computational methods coupled to distributed computing, to simulate problems millions of times more challenging than previously achieved.

To encourage more people to F@ld, Stanford decided to allow the formation of teams and give points for various items F@lded within pre-determined time frames.

This link will take you to the Projects listing showing project name, expected time-to-completion and the number of points associated with the project. As this page is regularly updated, new projects can be tracked to see the yield expected upon completion.

You can also view your stats here.

Our team page shows all current and past members from three different websites who have pooled their resources to contribute to a singular team effort. Doing so also entitles you, on this website, to wear the Folding Badge
that many of us have displayed proudly.

There are many ways to join. The easiest is to simply go to the Stanford Download Page and download the client.

Once you have installed the client enter your username and then enter the team number. Our team number is 35216 so make sure you put that in there to contribute your work units (WU's) to the team. As soon as the first unit is submitted, you will be receive points and be ranked in the team. Understand that this is a TEAM effort and everyone's contribution is appreciated, be it 5000 points per day (PPD) or 1.

Anyone who uses a computer, single, dual, quad core processors or multiple processor setups all can F@ld, are encouraged to sign up. There are clients available for Windows, Linux, Apple OSX as well as for AMD GPU's and PS3 consoles.

If you have spare cycles available, feel free to contribute, every bit helps and this is for a great cause.

For Vista Users, there is are excellent gadgets designed by our very own Netryder (feel free to REP the guy for his work :) ). Note that the first is a Single-Core gadget, the second is a Dual-Core gadget. If you have a quad-core, you can run 2 instances of the Dual-Core gadget.

> Click here <


There is a quite excellent F@lding application that I have slightly customized for our team's use. Please click here for the archived file.

Happy F@lding Everyone.

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would be an idea to list all the links to the guides on setting it up and such also, maybe ?
The old guides are out-dated. Now, it's pretty easy to setup and the tool I linked to allows the user to control CPU usage as needed, plus it runs as a service in the background so no ridiculous GUI apps to waste processes on. This doesn't work with the GPU client but c'est la vie.

If anyone has any guides they want me to link to, feel free to post and I will update the original post as needed.
great idea!! Let't get to Folding People!!
I folded my clothes today, does that count? :rolleyes:

Sorry, it's late and I'm still buzzzzzin on wayyyyyyy too much coffee. BZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Great idea Saz, hope this brings in some new people to the fold :)
i can see this folding alright ;)

guides i was on about were for the non gui ones, unless there are destructions that come with it now ?
I am hoping that someone updates the front-page links to this thread soon :)

Btw I am really looking forward to what that 1.2 million point WU yields when I complete it later today :D

1500 points, it's one of the bigger ones they have released and the biggest yet for the PS3 afaik
So how exactly does the folding thing work with the PS3? Is the PS3 on all the time connected to the internet? And what else? Reason is I'm thinking of getting a PS3 after my taxes (I hope) and am curious of possibly running the F@H client on it. Well, and play a shiit load of games too. :D
Well, here is the thing :)

Once you get the PS3, you have to download all the updates for first run (or at least, I did). Both current sku's are wireless so if you have a wireless network, you're set. You cannot run anything else while the F@H program is on. I am therefore thinking of buying a used 20gig version for cheap (hopefully $200 or less), for dedicated folding duty and using my current one to fold when I am not playing games or watching movies.

It has to be connected to the internet to download and upload projects. Additionally, it is recommended to leave it on as long as possible, mine runs 24/7. However, Sony has introduced automatic shutdown as well, after a timelimit is reached or a unit is completed.

I am playing all my games on my Xbox still, but I will use my ps3 for more and more racing games and Metal Gear Solid/Ratchet and Clank and other exclusives.

Anyone have a 20gig PS3 for sale? $200 bucks or less? :) Thinking about selling it? :D
folding away, not as much as I like but the PS3 will be back soon :)
Well I have 21 work units completed and a score of 6470 for doing this from Dec, 25th till now. I'm at 73 on the team list. Not bad for a bit over a month's worth, me thinks.
I am still waiting for credit for my 1500 Point WU that I submitted earlier, but it should be credited by end of week I think.

However, our trend right now is quite negative people :(

Let's get some more systems out there and push :D Or recruit more people. We were averaging over 15k just a week or two ago. Now we're looking at dropping down to about 10k or so.



when i have everything sorted here i will see if i can help out - but am busy with converting all my dvds to x264/aac to put on htpc :)
my lone box was shutdown. Just got it back on today again..

My laptop has been fiddling with the SMP client (submitted a 1700+ point WU!) but has been having problems with the WU today.. have issues with the SMP client because it takes my poor laptop about 4 days to finish one unit since it's not on 24/7.. and I've lost a couple WU's due to the time limit being reached.
I had to remove a few machines - will try to get some back online in their place but no promises :(
I might get back into folding. I used to be up there when we started. ribbed.us is my name on the folding page.

EDIT: lol, just checked, and I position isn't too bad considering I haven't folded in years.
well... im folding again.. but i only get crappy 300 pointers (and thats if i'm lucky :p)
Fyi, there are PS3 issues currently.

I am shutting mine down till tomorrow to see if the server issues have been resolved.
What's going on with PS3's and folding?

Also saw an article earlier - over 1 million PS3s are folding :)
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