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NetRyder testified....

My browser rotation journeys have breought me to IE6 for a while so I decided to check out the msn desktop search and ie toolbar thing...

I read the testimonials...

NetRyder is the first one practically gushing over the thing :D

THought I might as well jump the bandwagon....

If you hadnt guessed I'm bored waiting for a delivery.....

Peace :D


- geek -
I believe he is saying out of extreme bordom he has decided to fire up IE6 and install MSN toolbar/seach thingy.
He's referring to this: http://toolbar.msn.com/reviews.aspx
It's been there for quite a while, and I honestly mean everything I said there. It was actually a comment I posted on the official blog, and they picked it up and asked for permission to put it on the Testimonials/Reviews page. :)

(By the way, you don't need to be an IE6 user to use the desktop search part of the app. As a Firefox user, I don't have any use for the IE toolbar. It's the desktop search part that's absolutely awesome.)


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I won't install that stuff in my system, in fact I won't put any toolbar in my system. I don't see any use for them when you have browsers that so what they do ..


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I personally don't see the point, I think I've used the search feature in XP about 4 times in about 4 years, no need for more clutter.

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