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Keep your juice away from your laptop (help :/)


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I managed to knock over a glass of orange juice onto my laptop. I turned it off immediately. Then I let the juice drain by tilting the laptop to the side.

Then I waited for it to dry. 30 mins.

If I try to turn it on the battery LED gets a dim glow...which slowly fades away. It doesn't turn on.

It's a Dell Inspiron 6000.

And I need suggestions.

Perris Calderon

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pull out the hardrive

I would try to back it up before you try to get the lap working again.

a little time in an oven at pilot temperature might do the trick
Leave it overnight, and take the battery out of it as well.
Perris's suggestion is an excellent one, never thought of that. I just flip them over, and open like a book, and leave them be.


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No you can remove your hard drive, RAM and battery without effecting the warranty.

That is also recommended by Dell if you send a unit in, incase they have to replace anything.

Perris Calderon

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it doesn't matter if removing hardrive voids the warrantee, installing juice does

they can't find juice installed if you want the warrantee to be valid


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First off...I thought the name of the thread sexual :p

*2nd...letting things sit after they get wet always works. It did for my buddy's cell phone that was underwater for atleast a minute and it did for mine that was in snow.

* Some of things may not always be true...like maybe letting it dry and it working again :p.


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Hahaha. You're a ****ing nut Tittles.

Managed to remove the hard drive. Going to pop out the keyboard to survey the damage.


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The orange juice with it's acidity will attack your keyboard.

I would suggest just letting it dry. It will be all sticky, and all kinds of insects will be attacking it. Does your Keyboard come off, or is it stuck on the laptop? Mine comes off, and I could easily replace it if need be.
perris said:
it doesn't matter if removing hardrive voids the warrantee, installing juice does

they can't find juice installed if you want the warrantee to be valid
Exactly. Standard warranties do not cover accidental damage.

If the innards look anything like my Inspiron 5100, pop the keyboard off (comes off easily), remove the metal plate under that to expose the GPU/CPU area and wipe off any liquid that you can find. Trying to turn it on 30 minutes after the spill was a bad idea...hopefully it didn't already kill the system. Again, wipe off whatever you can, leave the machine open, and don't turn it on at least until tomorrow morning. You need to let it dry completely.

Good luck man. :ermm:


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Keyboard popped off. Thankfully there was a metal plate underneath, it seems to have stopped most of the juice. However some was underneath it. Hopefully it didn't go any where near the cpu...

Going to get up early tommorow and boot it up to see if it works. I think the keyboard might die.

Moral of the story: Do not drink juice in a small glass which you can easily topple.


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yeah hope it works out for u, usually stories like this end up just being a warning to you hehe. thats why i try not to get any food or liquid near my laptop. just let it dry as tittle suggested that works most of the time, as long as the battery has been removed right away, however it doesnt always work good luck


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Well the taking it apart and not voiding the warranty bit sounds excellent. Makes me feel better.

And I was following that guide before ;) You didn't think I would attempt it without looking up the manual did you?
of course not Grandmaster.

RTFM got burned into me a long time ago. I'm currently reading the manual for my digital TV box just acquired. Fun programming.

Gonna program the memory channels for sports, that should disgruntle the sig. other ;)

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