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Illegal XP owners beware, Microsoft has quite a suprise planned



Microsoft is planning what could end up being quite a shock for the Windows XP warez world, and what currently looks to be one of the most amazing moves made by Microsoft since Windows Product Activation was introduced.

Currently, Microsoft is in the works of completely rewriting the algorithm for the way Windows XP Corporate keys are generated, and is rewriting the code for Windows XP to recognize this new algorithm. This new code will be an added ‘feature’ of Service Pack 1 due out later this year.

At the present moment, an upgrade to Windows XP SP1 from Windows XP with no SP installation will not give any problems or errors about an invalid CD-Key on a corporate version of Windows XP. This is because the new algorithm feature has been switched off in SP1 upgrades. To get to see this new feature, you would have to slipstream SP1 into the Windows XP installation media and setup Windows. Once you’ve reached the CD-key, no current Corporate Windows XP key (none of the 75 that we’ve tried) will work, as they are all invalid. Even if a corporate key is managed to be found, the chances of it working when SP1 final comes out are slim to none, as Microsoft is rumored to ‘still be working on the algorithm for SP1 for Corporate customers’.

So why is Microsoft keeping this a secret? To put it mildly, they are a bit perturbed that warezers have been able to exploit the corporate edition of Windows XP to completely bypass WPA. They are planning to keep it a complete surprise until SP1 final has been released and shut down as many warez users from using Windows XP as possible. They know if it’s made widely known what they are planning, nobody will upgrade to SP1 until an appropriate patch has been made.

News Source: BetaONE - Illegal XP owners beware, Microsoft has quite a suprise planned


The Source
Political User
HAHAHA, now that a load of BS

Their is alrdy a XP SP1 out their and you know what, its crack able.

WAREZ groups crack the Actual SP and get around that.

did MS ever thing of that, well no, and the funney part is that their is gunna be a SP1 CD-Key corp, i believe their is one actually one out their, and second of all, u can change your CD-Key the one current on ur XP machine and change it to a corp.

i rememebr that MS said that XP OS will be hard to crack blah blah blah cause of this activation and same wit XP, well your know what, us hackers hacked that actavation out.

and if MS does it like that what about the Legal versions of XP, they are gunna run into problems as well, oh yah just forgot, IT ONLY TAKES ONE KEY AND ONE PERSON TO GIVE IT OUT.

i remeber FlashFXP conected to the internet to varify their CD-Key's ppl got around that and now have full use of FlashFXP.

thats just one example, their are many more like 3DMAX


The Source
Political User
oh yeah, dident they say the same thing about 3D Studio MAX 4 and programs like that, and just remeber, it takes software to run hardware and it will be hack able, no matter what u say.

and i dont care if the pope says it issnt, i think that this longhorn BS is getting to far to ur head


from what ive read and heard i think that windows will always be crackable untill they start selling it like an internetl service, you know actually pay for the use of windows not for the software or install......but ill be d@@@ed if i ever do that....lol id just turn to linux or mac b4 i actually pay ms like i would and isp......but truthfully that is the only way i see people not being able to hacking windows or at least untill they keep track of every keycode they give out and have the software locked to that number.:D o'well


The Source
Political User
Thx for that link.

MS wont make a big success on that OS, and their is a way to hack the thingy out of the software that will prevent you from doing such things, and it will not be called a Personal Computer ney more cause MS is basically owning it, thats a big risk MS is doing, and their will be illeagle issuase with that OS. i can see the loop holes alrdy with that OS, no1 is never gunna use it. once again they will hack it out all the flaws MS put into it. man, MS is going to far with controlling issue.


The Source
Political User
oh yeah, one more thing, Lindows baby, mixture of linux and windows in one, still in beta, but will be a killer OS, and its free.

Not that I care, but I have a problem with the logic of what is being said here.

Lets assume that there are legal copies of corporate XP out in the market place and working using what ever method MS devised to recognise keys.

Now your saying MS has devised a different way to generate and recognise keys, that will be good for any version after that date but those already out there will not be made illigal therefore the new logarithams will be next to useless except for XP versions from a certain date onwards.

You have to remember MS will not want to piss off corporate clients with OS failures - the analogy is this if you get a locksmith to change your front door locks you have the choice of new keys as well as the old keys or just new keys which means you have to go and buy new keys - not likely.

From what I have read the keygen going around actually creates legitimate keys the fact corporate does not require activation ensures there is never a check for 2 or more keys in use at the same time.


MSDN key?

I hope someone might be able to answer this for me so that I don't have to sweat when installing sp1. I have a legit MSDN key but instead of waiting to come home and install a legit XP, while at school I installed a corporate version with my MSDN key. Obviously I have never activated it and I am just wondering if when I try to install sp1, it will you know, turn my computer into a big white paperweight. :) I suppose I could install the legit version now that I am at home but I don't want to bother with reinstalling everything and setting up my comp the way I like it. Even if nothing had to be reinstalled, I still don't want to install only to find a BSOD like I had after I installed a new motherboard. So I am hoping someone might understand this "suprise" a little better than I do. Thanks in advance. :)
HAHA EVERYTHING IS CRACKABLE, the times of comps will change .. so will cracking.. dont believe what u hear.. no one will stop hackers / crackers (not even the new "death Peanalty" ****)


I'm just going to illiterate off djmorgan's post. The truth is that Microsoft probably has something up their sleeves about warez corp setups, and they probably have something bigger in store for Longhorn. However, Longhorns protection seems a lot like how XP operates (you just don't know it).

When you install XP, here is what's really going on:

You install XP and enter in your valid CD-key. After XP is finished installing, a digital code is created. This code is a 42 character numeric number that is generated from your cd-key and a hardware ID (the hardware ID is made up of the digital signatures from your processor, your hard drive, your modem [if applicable], your nic [if applicable], your floppy, your cd's serial number, and any cd-rom drives on your machine). When you hit activate, this code is sent to Microsoft's servers and is verified. If it's unique, it sends an acceptance. If it isn't, it doesn't activate.

This code will probably be similar to Longhorn, except it uses a hardware based ID system instead of a software generated one.

If Longhorn does use the method that I described, but with a hardware based ID system, then it will be cracked in approximately 15 minutes! The reason is because as djmorgan said, there is a keygen that can generate valid (and unique) cd-keys. All that would need to be done is that the software will have to be modified to use the hardware ID instead of using the Windows algorithm to generate it.

Note: Do not PM asking me where to get the keygen or how to build you own because I WILL NOT tell.


i can see and understand the desire of microsoft to close down the use of the illegal copies, (not that i agree), however it only applies to the corporate version, so you only need to change one file on your harddrive copy and the next time you install it will be home or pro, then use the key gen to make a home/pro key, i dont see any concerns here, and if they do ever beat the crackers, well there are other operating systems that we can all use and MS will then have think a bit more about thier silly stratagies......


how come the XP CD i have from my company which is a 5.1.2600 final version NEVER asks for a CD-Key?? it never asks me for one serial. how can i find out the code through the registry? for some reason i can freshly install XP and never enter a code, just enter an admin name password and im good to go.

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