has any one ever used a hacked ver of xp?



im just wondering if any of you has ever used a hacked version of windows xp, and if so what kind of problems did you have, also how was it hacked, i mean, i have a copy of win xp that never asks for that activation thing, where you have to call microsoft or whatevr, this one all you have to do is insert a cd key and thats it, im wonderng if any of you have had any experience with it and if you know of any problems with it?:confused:


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Well I know of a problem that will be surfacing soon. When the Service Pack for XP is released depending on what ur product id is u might have problems installing it or in more simiple terms ur system will most likely be stuck at whatever its current update status is. I also know that to cd-keys have been disabled which is tyied to ur porduct id number. Otherwise I don't know of any problems with hacked versions.


well im not sure if its hacked or the corporate version, i just wasnt sure if i should use xp or me.


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Just hold off on installing the service packs. Theres enough users out there with illegal versions of XP that I'm sure it will be posted all over the place if the service packs crippled their systems. Stuff like this will make people even more hell bent to hack MS software... not deter them.


how the hell was i supposed to know?, i dont visit often and i got the impression that alot of people dont like warez or are against piracy and what not, i figured id get told to go buy it or something.


Hacked XP, are you referring to a copy of XP Pro, which doesn't require product activation from Microsoft?

With the SP on it's way, some one, within a week or two will have devised a way around it if it does do anything with the seriel. Where there's a will theres a way, especially if there is mucho qudos to be earned..


Has any1 ever thought the harm pirating or hacking software does for the rest of us ligit users, the company involved, the economy in general?

No I doubt it.. more than likely you just have a selfish attitude of not wanting to spend money, or even just for the hell of it.

Most of us have an all-time favourite car, does it mean we should be going out stealing them, cos we cannot afford to buy it ourselves?.. no.. so why should it be any different for PC software. The amount of extra money wasted on ways to stop copying is unbelievable, and if people just gave alittle thought then maybe the entire economy wouldnt be so bad.

Sorry to moan.. but as I work for a software company, I feel quite within my rights to complain! Grrrrrrr!!! ;)


As a Software Engineer in the making, I can see the industry side to the argument, but also the user side. I myself am running a perfectly legitimate system, but know others who have entirely pirated software.

It's the ultimate paradox, a vicious circle, yadda yadda but the problem won't go away. It's been in existance since floppy disks became mainstream!

Afterall, who can't say in the days off BBC micro's or Amiga's they went out and bought everything!


Ahhhhh man:

"Has any1 ever thought the harm pirating or hacking software does for the rest of us ligit users, the company involved, the economy in general?"

Dude - bite me.

Microsoft is the cash whore it is today because people copied it's OS's from day one and they caught on. It's because of people running illegal OS copies at home that their OS's became so mainstream and popular. They make most of their money through businesses and OEM's anyway.

So.... you paid $200 for Win 98

Then another $90 for the Win98 (freaking patch) Win98SE

Then you spent another $90 for the next Service Pack: Win ME

Then you spent the $200 to upgrade to WinXP (or Win2K then XP).

I can't freaking afford to keep up with Micro$ofts patches. Here's my big fat pirated warez copy of Windows XP PRO right behind my big fat middle finger Bill Gates.



So, along them lines, because Mr X drives a big fat Mercedes we should all run down to the garage and steal them, because, they're rich enough already and they make their money from overpaid business men?


If Mr. X was a car dealer who sold crappy cars and you had to buy a new car every year because your old car was falling apart and no longer compatible......

If Mr. X was a multi billonare because people stole his car and then everyone had to buy one....

If Mr. X as an a-hole who charged $90 for a recall to replace a part....

If Mr. X didn't already own the world.....

If Mr. X didn't try to make me drive the way HE wanted me to drive...



i guess i understand when it comes to small businesses having trouble making money because of piracy, but when it comes to microsoft, i dont feel the least bit guilty, its like this, id nevr pay 200 for xp, so they would never get my money, but i am able to get a copy without paying for it, they dont loose money because i would have never bought it in the first place, well thats in my case anyway, i cant afford to pay for that type of stuff, i figure those who can afford it, probably buy it.


Mr X was just like you and me, and yet whenever anyone gets to the top, there's people everywhere trying to get something.

If my gran won the lottery, i wouldn't expect pillaging and looting just because she was rich, would you?

Does Mr X live in a box? (I'm sorry)?


I was just playing around... but seriously, I can not afford to lay down $200 for a new operating system.

Of course, that's nothing compared to Macromedia's product Prices.

I think the actual application size for DreamWeaver is under 50MB, yet they still charge $300 for it.

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