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Great FREE book!


hardware monkey
yeah, 1,584 pages! :D

i went to print it a while ago and my jaw dropped. maybe later after i buy some cheap recycled bulk paper. :p
possibly... even the ppl who know everything about computers could learn some stuff from books - and even if they did know everything from the book... who's to say they do it the same way (always nice to learn variants on various methods :))


hardware monkey
Originally posted by dubstar
is it worth the download?
:D what isn't? unless you have dialup, just download it and put it in the background. it doesn't take any effort from you.

and i find it plenty informative. and it has tons of pinouts of every connection you'll find... scsi, ata, firewire, usb, all power supply form factors, etc etc... even the pins of different processors.

published august 2001.
ahh... seems like work's BT Closedworld connection is not loading ANY site but this one again.

This is like the 3rd time its done this in the period of a week :/

I'll reset the connection and try again in a bit.

edit: works fine now - weird :/


Originally posted by Teddy
Bretenn, it'll be worth the wait. Its is VERY comprehensive.
hmm... just thinking how i'm gonna print 1000++ pages... :(
just hate to read on my pc...

:eek: oo... **** 6.23am!

Perris Calderon

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teddy, please feel free to bump this whenever you like, and for however long this great download exists.

I would sticky this, but there are too may stickys up right now.

great fujitisng find teddy...great


hardware monkey
for people who want to print this... i'd suggest doing two pages per side, both sides of each sheet. so each peice of paper yields 4 pages. oh, and be sure to set the printer to "super-econo" mode. :D

and then it'd be ideal to print them in an order so that you could stack them, staple in the middle, fold, and have it like a book with the page numbers in the right order.

i haven't done this yet. :huh:

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