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gonaads said:
NetRyder, that is nice... Lots 'O icons on yer dock though. Yer runnin outta realestate. :D

Hehe yeah...I maintain it so that none of the icons go off-screen when I hover over the dock. So although it looks full, everything is still visible.
All the shortcuts there are ones that I use almost everyday, so I can't really get rid of any of them.
Thanks Xie.

I'm quite happy with it now. Going to use the same setup for part of next month too.
My Gnome desktop on FreeBSD 5.2.1-p5

All standard Gnome 2.6 items. I think shes nice and clean. :)


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Did I have a bad load or did you just post a blank post j79zlr?

-edit- ok i guess it was a bad load :p
No it was blank, somehow I hit "Post quick reply" instead of "Go advanced" :D

Or you're just nuts? 1 of 2
Very cool desktop NetRyder. I really like how you put the graphics behind your icons' text.... great idea. :cool:
New destop:
Y'z Dock
521-advanced4-2 Style xp Theme
Myst background


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hehe, the ice is crashing into the dock! lol, i'ma gonna change the bg to its original, its currently fliped, ice is spose to be on the other side.... meh
theme == 6pack (gray version)
wallpaper == bunkbot
objectdock using various icons and background == milky
I can't really explain it, Sazar... but all of the off-white on your desktop is... soothing, nice work sir. :)
@ Sazar: Nice and simple!

@ Daeron: Cool setup.
heh... ta lads :)

took me almost an hour to find a good wall :)
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