April Desktops

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Now that winter is pretty much over with we can look forward to nicer weather and even better desktops. Since the name change this will be the first offical OSNN Desktop thread. I am looking forward to seeing more linux and Mac desktops. Let get'a posting.
Now for the standard issue information, but be sure to know the rules.

April Desktops

Thread Guidelines:
  • Please adhere to Forum Guidelines. No pornography or overly suggestive images/wallpapers.
  • If you are going to embed [Please do this over an attachment – It will save on system resources] your desktop, please keep it at or under 640x480 and file size under 75k. Any images over the sizes will be edited out.
  • Moderators reserve the right to edit or remove posts or images deemed inappropriate. This also includes posts that are off topic.
  • Please DO NOT QUOTE IMAGES. Quote the person or Private Message them for wallpapers. The wallpaper thread is found here
  • As a courtesy to other forum members, it is suggested that when you post an image please include the following items:
Skinning Application:
Skin Name:

Thread Over ... Move On Over To May
nice wall, I will be sure to post my next BSD desktops, my windows one hasnt changed yet
Just thinking, it might be nice if people could also include links to some of the stuff they use...
Where did you get that wallpaper, funky dredd? :D
Nice desktop btw.
I honestly can't remember. I'll post it the walls section for you :)
doh! Well it's posted! Sweet wall! Like I said I have no idea where I got it. Where did you post it too?
I didn't post it anywhere except my site and DeviantART.
Thanks ;)
You know, now I look at your site I got it from there. You posted it on SP. ;)
Ok.. I'm back to Classix.... :)

My first for April........

VS - Classix 10k 2.0 by Gigatexel :)
Icons - Umicons Shell.... By ' Mattahan ' :) The best!!!!
Wall - That Day... Forget where...
Apps - Winamp501 - MMD3, Samurize - Desktop Weather Weather.png's by me
Rainlander - Skin by me, LaunchTab - Classix skin by me
Mozilla FireFox, YsDock for the iCal.png.... And windows explorer.

That should do it!! :D

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Excellent desktops so far! Need to get mine in the works! :eek:
Here is my first entry since becoming a member.

Skinning Application: Hacked DLL
Skin Name: LunaVX
Icons: Mix and Match
Wallpaper: Rails site: Pixel Girl -- or something
Final Comment: Not nearly done.
essentially the same as last time cept I changed the system icons to iCandy and I changed the objectdock icons to translucent... I quite like em :) think I might stick with em for a while...
well ok I changed around some stuff.. feeling that since I got the dock icons changed.. might as well change some other stuff too... leaving old one up for comparisons sake...

dock icons == translucent
visual theme == BW (gloss version)
wallpaper == simplicity_resubjugated
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