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LoL guys..
indyjones said:
Nice Little Moe, what VS is that and what the program you are using in the lefthand screen-shot?
The VS is blackout and the program for the left thing was Samurize. I used the basic setup of a preexported config called SideBar 3.0 I think but made a few changes.

Geffy said:
I think the crash helmet helped :D
I've been making a lot of changes for May. Here's a preview...
I'm suprized no one done a flash active desktop yet, If I was any better, I would have made one :p
Benny said:
I'm suprized no one done a flash active desktop yet, If I was any better, I would have made one :p

I used to make them all the time - had full-out alarm clock and notepad...


I stopped using them before I even built the 'puter I'm using now (which would have made for some fun dual-display flash grooviness :) ) because the desktop would refresh now and again, removing all the set alarms and whatever had been typed...lol :(

This shot is of (a) closed alarm clock(the green variation, also made an orange, two white, and a black/yellow) just below winamp

The massive clock hands on the desk are part of another flash (layered in html with w_mode parameter)


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here's mine...made the wall myself (except the car)


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Nice desktop thebear. What theme are you using?
Skinning Application: Hacked utheme.dll
VS: WinOSXP by kol
Icons: All over the place
Wallpaper: By its lameness you can tell its my own creation ;)
Miscellaneous: umm...


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