April Desktops

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But it paid off it did it not? ;)

I also like yours Daeron, especially the icons. :)
daeron... there is a Gant2 set for iconpackager out :)

I just installed it and there are very few differences between it and the Gant set... but it seems to integrate better...
NerdUprising said:
You need more icons on your quicklaunch, rocketrobbie ...
Naaa... just expand it one more level. Then he's got lots of room. p
Yeah, I used to have my Start Menu two bars thick back when I used quick launch icons. Much more organized that way.
Mine for this month (I know its late)
wallpaper from http://www.gfxartist.com/
VS: OpusOS
Icons - full shell set Umicons + some custom ones made myself


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Here's mine
If you are going to embed [Please do this over an attachment – It will save on system resources] your desktop, please keep it at or under 640x480 and file size under 75k. Any images over the sizes will be edited out.
Always read the first post in a thread before posting an image...

3328x1024 1.2 mb
Oops my mistake, I'm used to posting the desktop at that resolution (1024x768) on most sites. Will make changes later on.
Trying a new Samurize Setup and loving the new D-Relection winamp skin.


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Nice desktop Little Moe ... looks like fun weather there this time of year. :p
Very good Little Moe and indyjones. :)

I've setup my new desktop but I guess I will wait 'til tomorrow, and submit it in May Desktops. ;)
Has been a productive month hasn't it? Look forward to May!! :) Very nice all of you...
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