10MBS cable line !!

Service is what I though it was and that is DOCSIS 3.0 which Comcast plans to start rolling out this year.
thats what my isp is going to be using when they roll out 50mb
Where I am my cable company has quietly increased bandwidth. I have yet to hear they made any changes but I went from ~3 Mbps down to ~10 Mbps down overnight around the first of the year and it has remained. My upload speed always was horrible to begin with but it went up quite a bit, too. Initially I had assumed they'd remove it in a day or two. It's still at ~10 Mbps and I'm not going to complain! Right now it's running at 9.57 Mbps down and 0.95 Mbps up.

Of course it's still pathetic compared to European friends who have 20/20 connections if not higher. Lucky ********!
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Connection goes out for about a half hour last night and when the modem finally syncs back up I go do a few speed tests and this was the lowest one.

Seems Comcast is doing or testing something in my area. :rolleyes:


That's amazing - what do you achieve when trying to download?

That's amazing - what do you achieve when trying to download?

Was only around 2 MB a second so it is not sustained. I heard Blast tier just came to parts of California so maybe we are next.
it makes me drool seeing all those figures..

i'm still running on 1mbps/512kbps with occasionally disconnection and high latency to international sites.

i'm from malaysia and my ISP is TMNET (Streamyx) which awefully sux!
only get 1.5mb/375kb here. what really sucks about it is that we're paying for 3mb/768kb. but you know how it is "speed and uninterrupted service not guaranteed" in other words 'we can limit your speed all we want to and blame it on the lines and you can't do anything about it'

thankfully a different local ISP is bringing FiOS into the area this summer.
First, "a different ISP"? only Verizon does FiOS.. I don't believe Verizon resells FiOS
Second: Who is your current provider? Assuming you are running off a DSL line - It sounds like they have you provisioned in safe mode - you can ask them if you are in safe mode and see if your line will be stable at the higher speed. Otherwise, talk to your ISP about dropping down to a lower package.
using verizon dsl currently. will give them a call and see about that safe mode stuff.

yea, i was wrong in calling it FiOS since thats what verizon calls there fiber optic internet. i don't know for a fact who is putting the fiber optic lines in here, but the management of the estates said it was the cable company they have a contract with.
My new Constant Comcast Speed:



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