10MBS cable line !!

Shamus MacNoob

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8 Jan 2002

Just wanted to share the news I got a nice fat 10MBS cable line yesterday and it rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your IP 24.203.214.xxx
Time 4.578 seconds
Speed 9.4 Mbps
Size 5,234 KB
Avg Speed 9.5 Mbps (based on 5 tests)

Will be getting 16Mbps down / 2Mbps up sometime after the new year.

Upload is a little slow tonight for some reason.

gah! I need to sort myself out a slice of something nice like that for my new years present.... The BT service I get is totally unacceptable
well as soon as BT activate my phone line at my new flat I'll be giving Be a call to get 22/2 ADSL again :)

only have to wait till the 28th for the phoneline :)
Have been enjoying 16mbit for quite some time now :D
Seeing as we're never likely to get cable in this area, I'm awaiting our exchange to become unbundled. Then it's straight to Be for some 24mb loveliness! :D
They offered me a 20mbs line but it has a limit in D/U so I went with the no limits 10 MBS

insane is all I can say INSANE!!!
I'm very happy with my new business class service, only 7MB down, 1MB up... but it is far better than the DSL service I had at my old house.
Nice. I can only upgrade to 8MB with RoadRunner and I don't know if it is worth the extra cost
I have five (really eight -- one for the modem, one gateway, one subnet) statics too... currently only using two (one for my Cisco 851 router and one for my Vonage line).

The burst is amazing. It's not a gradual increase, it bursts right up there.
No one laugh....me...im on AOL 1mb hahahahahaha soon be moving to a 16mb soon. lalala.
it depends...someone from currys said sky will be doing 16 down here by may.

after xmas i will move to sky, who will give me 5, then upgrade when they bring the 16 down here.

Wouldn't mind a connection with Sky myself. Wouldn't mind anything unbundled at the moment, but I guess I'll have to wait :D
The reason im going with it is because iv got the full sky package,, and when 16 comes down here, i can get it for £10 a month, and a free wireless router.
From the looks of it, the router they provide is the Netgear DG834G, the one I am presently using, not a bad piece of kit for free :)

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