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    Windows 7 delete wierdness

    Yep...certainly seems that way...but then again...the "Microsoft Math" in regards to time has always seemed kinda borked.
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    Windows 7 delete wierdness

    I tried searching for a thread on this before posting...but I apparently am unable to come up with the correct syntax or phrases. Anyways....last night I was deleting some files...around 10,000 files total...50+ GB of data...and check out the screenshot. Surely I am not the first to notice...
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    Request for suggestions...

    I have been tasked with coming up with the parts to build out 2 test PCs for work and it has been almost 3 years since I have even built up a computer. The CPU I am wanting to use is the AMD Athlon 64 X2 4200+. I obviously need a motherboard that supports the socket 939 CPU...but I also need the...
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    Request for information....

    I currently have a PC that I built sometime ago that is just sitting in my closet not doing anything. Ideally I would like to run the computer headless, mouseless, and keyboardless as well. The machine has an Asus A7V8X-X motherboard in it and I have flipped through the manual to see if the...
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    IIS 6 question

    We have a server here at the office that serves as a repository of all of our server information, docs, files, etc. A few years back I threw together a rather crude webpage that housed tech support numbers, Terminal Server Advanced Client, and other pertinent information related to our servers...
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    Any ideas?

    Hi folks...I know its been a while since I posted on here...but I am hoping you might be able to help me out here. I am on a quest. A quest for an external hard drive case with fans built in that is not loud. First off I bought an external USB2 drive case that has a fan in it. The thing is...
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    iPod car kit

    Well how exactly do you do it? I created a smart playlist and loaded it and then went back to the main menu and pressed shuffle...but this just bypassed the playlist and shuffled all the tracks which included the itrip files...:(
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    iPod car kit

    I have an iTrip related question. I have created a smart playlist and excluded all the Griffin Technology frequency files. My question is...can you shuffle a playlist? I mean I know how to load the smart playlist I I just choose it and then go to shuffle music???
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    GMail Madness

    nope...nothing Unread in any of my folders....
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    GMail Madness

    Does any GMail users out there now how to fix this problem I am having? As illustrated in the inbox is showing 1 new email but there is nothing in the inbox. I checked on GMail's support site but I have not been able to find any references to it. Any ideas would be appreciated
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    The Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird discussion (Part 3)

    Tab Browsing Extension Madness!!!! I need help from someone using the Tab Browsing Extension in Firefox 1.0. If you look at the screenshot...what do you have to set so the Ebay tab doesn't spawn a new one when you click a link on the page? This is driving me nuts....:(
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    The Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird discussion (Part 3)

    I am having a rough time of it here lately with Firefox 1.0. I had it set to open 3 tabs when it, yahoo, and OSNN...but it got to where it would give an error message saying it had experienced an error and needed to shut down. Usually I could just let it shutdown and then...
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    Opera and related applications discussion

    I would give Opera a better look...but here at work we have to put in a proxy server to get half-way decent speed and whenever I do that...i get an Internal Communications Error on every URL I try...I take the proxy server out and no error.
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    is this right?

    I recently purchased an HP Pavilion zv5330us from Circuit City. The specs say its sposed to have 512MB of RAM but when I checked only has 384MB. I took the laptop back and actually spoke to the gentleman who sold me the computer. He said that happens sometimes and is a mistake from the...
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    a question

    I will give the Boston Acoustics a go first....if I decide I want the 5.1s back I will get a USB card of some sort...