XP-erience Needs you !!!

have some concussion trout and anti personel trout as well, we will keep them away if they do attack.

Also the secret weapon the Lawyer Trout, we can use them to suck them dry of every last penny.
Aaaaa, from the well known firm of,"Doowey, Screw'em and How" :p
Yeah, She's relaited to that Asian Porn Star. Umm... Hungg Waeye Lo
I think the talent agency he's from is: Layd, Bak, An Wacket :rolleyes:
just stay away from Fukum Yung, the well known chinese prostitute
Now this is the kinda "personal defence system" I need :)
so that is what they were going to mount on the sides of the WTC but due to budget cuts they were put off til next year.
Just a friendly reminder that XP-erience needs you! :p :laugh:

it's funny to see a thread with over a thousand posts and under 100 views
Jesus...reminds me of how active we used to be at one point.

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Also Hi EP and people. I found this place again while looking through a oooollllllldddd backup. I have filled over 10TB and was looking at my collection of antiques. Any bids on the 500Mhz Win 95 fix?
Any of the SP crew still out there?
Xie wrote on Electronic Punk's profile.
Impressed you have kept this alive this long EP! So many sites have come and gone. :(

Just did some crude math and I apparently joined almost 18yrs ago, how is that possible???
hello peeps... is been some time since i last came here.
Electronic Punk wrote on Sazar's profile.
Rest in peace my friend, been trying to find you and finally did in the worst way imaginable.

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