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XP-erience Clip

Electronic Punk

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KlipFolio 1.1 has been released, I had a quick look and it seems to be a very cool little application. It runs on your desktop and gives you the latest headlines on your favourite sites! I have created an XP-erience clip for everyone to use. Here is the changelog:

New Features for Users
  • First generation support for Windows XP themes.
  • Choice of installed Web browsers with which to open headline links.
  • Custom browser commands (through "preferences.xml" manipulation).
New Features for Klip Providers
  • A Klip's default icon can be changed through use of tag in .food.
  • More control over items using .food. An item's <title> or can be updated without forcing a new item to appear to the Klip user. For example, a headline can now specify a number of comments associated with it, and each time the comment count increases, the item is replaced in the Klip.
  • Support for Western European and South American language Klips.
  • Klips can specify an HTTP referer string for KlipFood requests.
Bug Fixes & Other Improvements
  • KlipFolio will now stay minimized to the system tray :)
  • Klips will not cover the Preferences or Klip Setup dialogs unexpectedly.
  • Multiple instances of the same Klip can coexist and operate as expected in KlipFolio.
  • Significantly improved support for Windows XP.
  • Periodic preference saving to reduce chances of lost settings if system fails, is shut down or rebooted.
  • Fixed a bug preventing proper launch of KlipFolio when in "Startup Items" folder.
  • Improved stability of installer and upgrader.
  • Fixed bug that kept KlipFolio on top of a Web browser after clicking a headline link.
  • Added visual feedback when KlipFolio is minimized to tray or maximized.
  • Fixed bug that occasionally prevented Klips from loading when added to KlipFolio from KlipFarm.
  • KlipFolio and KlipFarm now work properly with Mozilla, Netscape and Opera browsers.
  • Completely rewritten parsing engine for improved reliability and performance.
  • General performance and stability improvements (especially loading and refreshing Klips)

You can download it here or visit the homepage here

Here is a preview of KlipFolio in action:

And finally, you can download the first version of the XP-erience clip here

Enjoy and let me know your opinions!
Note: The more people that download it, the higher on the list we will get and make the site even larger than it is! So you will be helping us out :D

Electronic Punk

Staff member
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Having said that, if you have the application installed and have run it once, they should be auto-installed when it downloads it!

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