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Xbox problem


My gf brother got an xbox from a friend. then he gave it to me because he couldn't get it to work.
The problem is, i can press power/eject and the xbox doesn't boot. It makes a small little beep and you hear the drive sound like its powering up but that is all.. Any idea on what could be wrong? The case has not been opened so i know that isn't the problem. Although i am not sure if someone tried to softmod but i was thinking that if that were the case it would atleast try to turn on.


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Almost sounds like fragging ... but that would only happen if there was an attempt to mod it. I don't know if soft-modding would do it, but I know I've run into it while modding my xbox.


i got it working. Used an old powersupply and it worked like new. Got another one from some dude from some other forum, and the kid lied saying it works just the dvd drive was bad, turned out i guess he took the front off and unplugged the cable from the power button to the motherboard and yea.. fix that so i got 2 xboxes for $25 :)


na it wasn't modded. Just some newb i guess trying to mess around. Glad i had modded and case modded my old one so i knew somewhat to expect.

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