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World Cup Live Streaming in USA


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Does anyone know of any sites that are streaming the world, so i can watch it at work in the US?

Or any program that will fool the bbc's website into thinking i'm in the UK.
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There is no answer!
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and i stupidly paid for some ****ty service as well $40.

.... all they had where ****ty free streams you could already get of crappy foreign sites.... man i've been such an incredible sucker this week, whats up with me.


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If there is a good streaming site, I would be willing to pay for it :)

Love to watch it at work :D


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there are a lot of south african sites that stream it, i remember i payed 5 dollars to watch the africas cup final let me try to pull up the site name for you


There is no answer!
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well screw that sh1t, i payed for yrs for the BBC license, i deserve to watch it on the net, i don't know why they don't set up a sub service which they said they where going to do last yr.

Anyway i found espn360 for free, lets me watch all the worldcup games free online that espn shows. and in way better quality than the bbc

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