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WMA to MP3 in Winamp


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As netrider said. You need a wma codec for dbpoweramp to convert the file. DBPoweramp can pretty much convert anything ...


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Ok, great it worked pretty good. Except that it came up and said " this file is encrypted and DMC can not decode". This happened for half of the songs I choose to convert. What does this mean, how can I change this?
2 possible solutions present themselves:

1. Burn the wma file to CD using Windows Media Player and re-rip as MP3
2. Play wma with Windows Media Player and use dMC Auxiliary Input to 'record' the track as it is being played.

It gets around the encryption.


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What that means is that DMC was trying to work an couldn't .. I would check their forum to see what is wrong. I have'nt used it in a while ...


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I have fixed all of them except one album. Which is because I don't have that cd anymore. How can I fix this one.


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Johnny said:
cdex do wma conversion ?? I think not ..
yes it does, i have done it many times, u go to convert and then click on Re-encode Compressed Audio Files, then u point it in the location of the wma's and highlight the ones you want and then hit convert

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