Windows Vista X86 Pre-RC1 build 5536.16385 is out

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512MB. But it's not even that. It doesn't work very well on a Virtual Hard Disk. I need XP on my test box because some things aren't compatible with Vista yet.
VPC 2004 for example ;-). At least my craches before the install completes.

I caved.. downloading the build now. except its got me capped at 80kb/s. :( It will take over 10 hours at this pace whereas it usually takes 2 hrs at around 800kb/s :(

Do they often cap speeds?
I only have a 80kb/s connection, but the transfer rate was 55kb/s at begining - speeding up to 70kb/s when I recoennected. Maybe you should try that?


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Installing now :)

Overall, it is pretty solid. I am instlaling Counterstrike on here now to see how that is, but the performance has gotten ALOT better since I used Beta2. So far I am quite happy. In Beta2 when I got my Performance Index, it was a "3.5" now it is a 4.9. Glad that they are fixing issues with the OS. Overall, I like it. Maybe not enough to spend $500 on it, but I really like it so we will see.
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Yeah Counter-strike works a treat.

What I really need people to post is any niggling things they don't like or spot.

e.g. installing live messenger does not remove the download live messenger links -- gotta be that petty.


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I have noticed when I am using IE that links are not opening up in new tabs. And yes, the box is checked for them to open in new tabs.


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I have noticed when I am using IE that links are not opening up in new tabs. And yes, the box is checked for them to open in new tabs.
Have you tried resetting the options to default... I have added snapshot for you just in case you need it, mine works without any issues or problems, try the default settings and it should be fine. Well hopefully.



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I will try it in a bit. However, I had not changed the defaults other than the homepage, but I will give that a whirl.

EDIT: It is still happening.
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Paul Thurrot seems to have found a lot of issues with Vista, and I agree with him. However, the amount of control this OS gives you compared to XP is just bloody amazing!

The only niggling issue I've had (and I haven't explored it much) is that World of Warcraft runs, but just crashed. I think it's because I was running it in Maximised Windowed Mode. I'll try it again later. I really just want RC1 to install the new Nvidia drivers - anyone got any news on the public release of that?
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