Windows Vista X86 Pre-RC1 build 5536.16385 is out

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We are pleased to announce the release of Pre-RC1 build 5536.16385! This
build represents significant progress incorporating your Beta 2 and 5472
feedback. We ask that you please download, burn and install a copy of this
build as soon as possible. Immediately afterwards we ask that you report
any problems you encounter. Please note the following recommendations:

0x45527F10 vista_5536.16385.060821-1900_vista_rc1_x86fre_client-LR1CFRE_EN_DVD.iso


Enjoy direct link:

No Vista 64 yet ???:crosseyed:
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......... and i just downloaded the x86 version of 5472 last night when i couldn't install the x64 version shortly after it was released..... now i wanna download this one to see if i can get this one to boot....... *sob*

edit: then again..... it might be just as much of a waste of bandwidth as it was for me to download the Battlefield 2142 beta..... so WHAT THE HELL!!! lol.
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when i log into my account, i select my participation, it takes me to my windows live account info. a site that has nothing to do with


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Ok, figured out the problem. when i first connected and go the Live website i was using Firefox. but when i connect to using IE6 it works fine....wft?


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2 hours 20 mins to go :s

Damn I chose the wrong night to go out.
Whoola Whoopa, Whoot... Whoot... :) I can not wait to install this...? The problem is I am going to be so busy over the weekend I will not get this installed until Monday. I have been helping the folks with replacing the sofix and facia on their house. Good job I used to be a carpenter, comes in handy.

I have been really bussy alday and I just turned on my computer for the first time today.

1hr left...? :) starting to get excited now...
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i go to connect and my participation, but i don't see the vista program, whats it called?
It will be called Windows Vista, Longhorn Server and IE7 Beta Home

Go into Downloads and you will see right at the top.



If you are not enroled and do not have access then just email the help team, they will be able to sort you out and gain access. The support tem are good as gold.


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Mecham listed what it would be called, if you aren't currently enrolled as of this moment, enrollment is not currently available.
WOOOOO!!!!! finally a version of Vista i can use again!!!! love the new cursor and stuff...... though i'm still getting the placebo second monitor.....

Anybody know of any drivers that definitely work in this new version? maybe Audigy 2 ZS drivers or somethin?

edit: well..... nevermind the "placebo second monitor" stuff. for some stupid reason Vista automatically adds a second display, with a resolution of 800x600 and 8-bit color. anybody know WHY it does that?

edit #2: and might i say..... WOW is the sidebar a huge resource hog! freakin move the cursor over it to make it be less transparent, and my CPU usage bounces up to 30%..... and with VERY few processes running, it's already using half my memory (not necessarily only the sidebar.... but still.... wow). One good thing though....... Vista appears to be very well Dual-Core optimized. lol.
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Anyone with an NVIDIA card (more specifically a 6800 Ultra PCI) having problems running direct3d applications?

Tried the built-in chess game, world of warcraft and counter-strike: source and they all give me horrid artifacts...

...was getting to the point where I thought the card had blown, but I just formatted and put windows xp on there and its completely fine now.

Anyway, if anyone can reproduce that, would be great.
i'm running 2 7900GT's, and get no artifacts whatsoever...... but then again.... the last two builds i tried to install, i couldn't even use since it set an imaginary second display as the primary display with no cloning to the REAL display.
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