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I have upgraded my version of Windows Messenger bundled with XP to 4.7. Now there is MSN Messenger 6.0. What is the difference between the two. Should I go for MSN one rather than Windows one. Thanks for the information.


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Msn Messenger just added games and cool looking icons and stuff like that. If you just use it to talk, then it dosent really matter, i stuck with Windows Messenger, but there pretty much the same, you can read about them at


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MSNM has adverts too (which can be removed..) but as bman™ says, it's basically just stuff that's not too important like games that are in MSNM but not Windows Messenger.


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Yes , my opinion is for going to MSN Messenger .. and here are some examples of stuff that really satisfied me :

  • * simply cool changed interface
    * can change personal pics/background
    ( so I can finally put my face there :D )
    * very nice games ( lauch site )
    * simply better :)



Another reason for going to MSN Messenger, I found recently, is I unable to do videochat with Windows Messenger on my XP Home edition. Can any one tell me why?


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Happened to me also , in fact I was totally unable to use videochat with Windows Messenger ( maybe busy server or .. ) ... but with msn worked from the first


Same thing happened to me. Even with MSN messenger, I am able to see video of my friend but he is unable to see mine. Can anyone tell me if I have to change any settings?
With Windows Messenger, no video at all, only voice chat on XP Home. Is it normal?
Sushil: It could be your ISP blocking the ports that Messenger is trying to use for voice/video.
I used to live in India (Bombay) before I moved to the U.S. two years ago, and I remember having this problem. I'm not sure if the same problem still exists now. You could try calling up VSNL (if that's your ISP), and ask them about it. :)


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Is there an alternative to messenger plus without its own adware?

nevermind. I discovered you can install plus without the sponsors..


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umm u didnt pay attention. all u have to do during the installation is uncheck the checkmark that says install the extra software that helps them make money which is the spy ware:rolleyes:

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