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Whose up for it?

Ok guys I've been wanting to do a graphic and regrettably, I'm a retard when it comes to graphix. I was wondering if one (or more) of you could help me in my quest for this.
What I'm looking for is a re-draw of this symbol. Prefferable silver (with shades) on a white background. Thank you to anyone that can help me out.
Ah. I'm a newbie to graphics too, and I suck at editing things, I tried, but it didn't quite work :(

Tommorow I'm printing a 500 page guide to making and doing things in photoshop.

maybe someone else can help? people :) ! come on...
its a necklace that I wear, given to me by a wise old man in the mountains during a journey of spirit ..hehe just kidding, my gf gave it to me its supposed to symbolize balance or something
wow thats really good, thanx, I was actually looking for more of a complete re-draw in order for it to be the most simetrical it could be ya know?
ok, Heath3n has the right idea but what I need is that same object without the imperfections. For example the one on the right side of the original pic i uploaded (you can see where the shape is off). Maybe someone could re-draw it and make a 2d pic of that symbol?

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