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Who Uses Anti Virus?

Do you Use Anti-Virus?

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Just wondering if there people out there on their home PCs that don't use it. I don't and I dont have any issues. I just have a fireawall and anti-spyware and have no issues for a long time.


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i have avg runing 24/7/365, but then i never have caught a virus as i'm not that stupid to open or download **** :p Router has firewall in it so that is only firewall i use. never use spyware programs.
muzikool said:
There are no known viruses for OS X. I hope there never will be.
There is one as of two hours ago lol. Your timing is impeccable.

My iBook is virus free! As to my PCs, I could just copy and paste Henyman's post :p


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Petros said:
There is one as of 45 minutes ago lol. Your timing is impeccable.

And my iBook is safe haha.
I know about that and it's not a virus, so my statement stands. ;)

Technically it's a trojan. Recall that there have been attempts in the past to claim the "1st Mac Virus" ... those turned out not to be.
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I've cleaned many systems that have been infected, but no, I've never had a virus in Windows XP.

Norton Corporate runs quietly in the background, I check the logs every once and awhile, nothing to report.

Apple plugs lots of 'critical' holes, much like MS

It is not profitable to write malicious code for Apple's OS. It accounts for less than 5% of installed operating systems.
That being said, the only reason I don't use it (it's a beautiful piece of work) is that I prefer to build my own computer, and like to occasionally dabble in games.
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I have one installed but I don't keep it running when I use it. I'll do a update/scan everynow and then. I'll start the program and leave it running when someone else is going to be using the PC. :)
I have McAfee running here, its quite nice because it doesnt use up hardly any resources on my machine and does it's job. it has noticed five attacks of the wmf vuln.


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As most of you have read I am using the Windows OneCare beta on my production system. Let's hope it actually works.
I dont have one installed most times.

If I ever think I let my curiosity get the better of my common sense I'll run by Kaspersky AV 30day trial for a full scan and then remove it again.


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Been using NOD32 for many months now. It's probably the best antivirus I've ever used. On my 5 year old Sony Vaio there is very little resource use, and on my newer laptop I don't even notice it :D

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