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Which hard drive should I get?


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I have 2 choices, can any of you knowledgable ppl tell me which is better and more reliable?

Seagate Barracuda 200GB UDMA100 8MB Cache 7200rpm ST3200822A - £80

Maxtor Diamond Max +9 200GB UDMA133/7200 8MB Cache 6Y200P0 - £77



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get the barracuda if you care about noise hehe - hate to confuse you - but have 120 Maxtor and 80 Baracudda here and I can HEAR the diff!

[edit] mean I COULD hear the diff when my rig was working :( :( [/edit]


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You'll never get a 100% vote going one way or another on HD's. Myself I would go with the Maxtor but that because thats all I've ever used and haven't had a problem yet (knock on wood). :)
i think maxtor is better than seagate, i like western digital i own 4 WD hard drives
but if you're picking between those 2 go with the 133 and i heard that maxtor is pretty good


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there is no right or wrong answer to this question. The best answer is to look at reviews also the warranty might be good to look at as well but its up to you which one you want as you saw you get people saying the seagate is better or the other way around, it comes down to what you feel is the best one for your money


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Hard Drives are always an iffy subject, as I don’t know a single manufacturer who has not been complained about for issues with their drives. In most cases this is unfair for you got to remember a lot of drives are slightly damaged in transit which will shorten their lives considerably.
My personal choice (having been a happy Maxtor and Seagate customer) is at the moment go Seagate.

Here are my reasons
1. Noise the Seagate is much quieter, you might have a noise case anyway with lots of fast fans, but you will still be amazed how far the high pitch wine of Maxtor drives travels and even with a noisy case you will get a quieter experience
2. Packaging Seagate is ahead of the game in terms of packaging their “seashell” box essentially just an electronegative plastic box helps protect the drive from both electrostatic and impact/vibration damage
3. WARRANTY with hdd being so “temperamental” is makes sense to go for a company offering 3 years (I think rather than the original 5) cover rather than a measly 1 year

Hope This Helps:)


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LOL prodj - is your sig accurate?! Time to upgrade your HDs I think and this time make it so your sig can last for FIVE years, not ONE? !!! :) ;) :p

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