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Hi All ive bin encoding sum music and ive noticed that the files are crackling im using onboard ac'97 sound and dont want this so im going for a spankin new soundcard

for around 100 quid or maybe a bit more

need suggestions as i havent bought a souncard for 2 years now and im a bit rusty on the area

cheerz all:)

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i looked and decided about the audigy 2 and a set of 6.1 inspire speakers should do the trick:D
Sweet... You won't be disappointed. I have the original Audigy.
I've done a ton of LP to CD conversions with it, and I'm still amazed at the sound.
good choice with the audigy, i love their cards and have not had a problem except for a minor driver problem that was fixed with one of their updates.
1) Audigy resamples all 44.1 kHz audio (read cd's and mp3's) to 48kHz (and very poorly at that)

2) Cambridge soundworks PC speakers are owned by Creative Labs
I Don't have an Audigy lying around to test that. But me thinks it must be for the rec in. I know the output is locked to 48. It's part of the damned ac97 spec


Originally posted by Jz1397-4
under that AudioHQ in device controls you can change the sampleing rate from 44.1KHz - 48KHz - 96KHz. just incase you wanted to know :D
If you would read closer, that is for "sampling rate of the PCM SPDIF output of your DIGITAL out connector"


I use a SB audigy 2 card (platnium) and I do radio production with it. When I submitted our latest cd's to the radio stations I work with, every single radio enginner said they could hear a major difference compared to what I was using before(live 5.1). And some of the engineers are *very very* picky. I'm glad I got this card, well worth the money. My 2 cents.


of cos there is difference and its a major 1

audigy 2 has a 24 bit advanced hd chip while the live series has a 16 bit chip only. it certainly worth the bucks spent


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Originally posted by dreamliner77
2) Cambridge soundworks PC speakers are owned by Creative Labs
not true. cambridge soundworks is it's own respected high-end home audio company. would creative make something like this?

for a while creative sold CS' speakers with "Creative" on them. and i'm convinced, now that creative has their own speakers, they either use some of CS' technology or CS still makes the speakers for them. cuz even cheap creative speakers sound nice.

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