WebBased MSN Messenger


Dabba Dooba
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spanks alot :)...i read about this on mess.be and forgot all about it. I hope is better than msn2go :S.


Dabba Dooba
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it may not be that great...but for people that go to a friends house or somewhere were they dont have msn they could just go to the site and sign in.


High On Life!
thats the whole point of it, i mean im not ganna use it at home, lol, its not a amazing thing but its handy, what if someone has sh!tty dail up , im not ganna download 6mb.


Dabba Dooba
Political User
o well...atleast its betteassesr than msn2go. I have to use that when i go to my friends house and msn2go sucks monkey


High On Life!
ohh yeah thats another one! now i can get online in school without the risk of fake msns or worying about the stupid teachers!


I may actually be insane.
NetRyder said:
What is? Your reply?

It's far from pointless. Quite handy if you're on a public machine that doesn't have MSN. I bet they bought/stole/borrowed code from one of the unofficial web-clients though :p
lol its not pointless. its awesome. they probalby copied hte idea from aim express tho but thats ok. hopeuflly my school won't ban it. they have been gay about banning hotmail and yahoo mail

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