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Wavy Recordings from DV Camcorder?

hey guys im recording videos via firmwire from my panasonic minidv camcorder and the video looks quite wavy in areas. its not a really big issue but i was defintely expecting smooth quality.

i've been using pinnacle and i've tried all settings such as DV format (the highest), mpeg2, mpeg1, and they all have wavyness...... any ideas???? when i view it via AV cables on the tele it seems great its justs when i transfer it on the pc its bad. i doubt it's b/c my firewire card is cheap.
Can I ask how your hooking up the cam to the PC , reason I ask is I had same problem until I switched to USB 2. the Usb and other types of connection had the same results wavy junk at the bottom of the video.

Regards Cupid


High On Life!
make sure u have the latest drivers for ur mobo, and btw ur downloading it to the pc using firewire not firmwire


High On Life!
keep it at dv, thats the highest quality, also i know which tape ur talking about and it was dark in the tent except for when the lighting when off, so it will look grainy.

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