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Wallpaper Collection


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
Here's my personal wallpaper collection divided into these categories:
Anime, Games, Misc, Movies, Scenery, Video Cards, Windows XP. There are nearly 200 very high quality walls here. Enjoy ;)

Edit: I now have a quality wallpaper site http://www.bestqualitywallpapers.com

This site has only free high quality, high resolution desktop wallpapers (1152x864 pixels and above) for download. We only pick the very best desktop wallpapers for inclusion.

Enjoy :)
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OSNN Veteran Original
thanks dude, checked it out, took the ones I wanted, I already have a huge wallpaper collection.


OSNN Veteran Original
Here you guys go..

If you would like to have the original set as RAR, then go to the link in my next post. I have added my collection to his and made a RAR file, which is much bigger but has many more wallpapers.

My collection is sorted this way.

Chick Walls
Video Cards
Windows XP
Linux & Mac
Games & Programs
Movies & Shows

My File is 87.6mb so I can't give a link here. My provider will not allow me that, sad I know but anyways. If you would like it, please give me somewhere to upload too, or if you have a gmail account (or 1gb email) please email me at bman911@gmail.com asking for the file.

The Wallpapers.zip is now still 56.6mb. So it is still a big file. I am uploading it now. I will give a link soon....


OSNN Veteran Original
coathanger007, where are you uploading too? What is your email, I will send you the file to upload, if you want me too? I can not upload, I get cut off half way through. :(


Tomorrow Tweaking Today
I don't have gmail. How do I register an account? Can't seem to find a link anywhere.

You might like to try uploading to 100WebSpace.com for free. :)


High On Life!
u have to get invited to gmail for now as it is not finished its still beta, but if u wanna check out the front page its gmail.com , and i havent gotten any invites at all i think they stopped giving them out


High On Life!
sure ildo that but hes gannaprobaly send it as a multi part rar so ull have to have winrar, as the max email attachment is 10mb so it will be in ~8 files


OSNN Veteran Original
Ok, I have just emailed themafia_69 and sent him both collections. He should be recieving them soon. It just takes longer, since there so big. If it goes through all good, then I guess he can email you coathanger007 :)

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