VideoInspector: Codec viewer, info & much more !

VTB v1.0.0.58 [26/07/2004]
+ New feature : Indicates if required codec is installed
+ [Settings] Add/Remove Context menu (Open With VideoToolbox)
+ [Batch Exporter] "Reset" button
+ Available as a Zip file (no installer)
@ Export function now saves file name and asks for output directory
@ GUI Layout (again, again... and again !)
@ [Settings] GUI Layout
@ [Install Script] Start Menu Icons can be disabled
@ [Install Script] context menu item can be disabled
@ Language Files
# [Installed Codecs Lister] Audio codecs infos displayed.
# [Installed Codecs Lister] Form can be maximized properly.
# [Batch Exporter] Root (ie : c:\) are no longer considered as invalid output directory
# Message boxes shouldn't use french caption for yes/no buttons anymore.

Web :
Looks like it's getting even more usefull. Having the .zip version is awesome too. The only thing I would wish for is if it could download the codecs required.
Here's the good place for me to know about new versions, thanx ;)
You repeat yourself ;)
I said : "Here's the good place for me to know about new versions, thanx ;) " ;) :D

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