VideoInspector: Codec viewer, info & much more !


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16 Oct 2003

I'm currently working on a project called VideoInspector. This will be a "super codec viewer" with quality factor and as many details as possible about video files.

  • Container support : AVI, Matroska
  • Codecs requirements automatic detection
  • File intergrity check
  • Automatic, content based container format detection
  • Displays movie info : Duration, streams
  • Displays Video stream info : Resolution, bitrate, frames per seconds (FPS)
  • Displays Audio stream info : Sample rate, bitrate, number of channels
  • Calculates video quality factor
  • International support
  • And much more !


[Official Web page]

[Help File]
New version

VTB v0.6.1.25 [27/01/2004]
+ Language files (Catalan, Chinese, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, Ukranian)
@ Codec Database
@ Matroska video streams support (non-VFW video streams)
# Shell extension bug when file path contained spaces.
# .divx extension files are now properly supported.


+ : Added
- : Removed
@ : Improved
# : Fixed


The Katarn Corporation
Looks very nice indeed :D
I currently use AVIcodec by P. Duby Productions for similar purposes,
but yours looks much more comprehensive. It's nicer on the eye too ;)
Good job m8 :cool:
Update :

VTB v0.7.0.30   [04/02/2004]
+ MPEG I/II Support
@ Long codec name display
# [AVI] : "strf" chunk are now properly supported. 
# [AVI] : Audio bitrate are now properly supported. 


+ : Added
- : Removed
@ : Improved
# : Fixed
Date : [dd/mm/yyyy]


The Katarn Corporation
VideoToolbox has just been updated to v0.8.0.35

Web Site :

Change log :
VTB v0.8.0.35   [08/02/2004]
+ QuickTime Support
+ Indonesian language file
+ [MPEG] : Added support for "mpe" file extension
@ [CodecDB] : More explicit AAC codec names for Matroska
@ [MPEG] : Format detection
# [MPEG] : Duration detection on small files
# [MKV] : Resolution detection
New version !

VTB v0.8.1.36   [15/02/2004]
+ Danish language file
+ Dutch language file
@ Install Script
@ Codec database
# [AVI] Codec (FourCC) detection
this looks great. thanks for a potentially great little app... (I will definitely download this after my midterms)

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