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USB 2 Problems

hello, using win xp pro, with sp1, and everytime i plug a device with usb2, it says this device supports usb2 but is going at usb1 speed. and i know that my usb ports support usb2...whats wrong? thanks in advance
Are you sure that the cable you are trying to use is a usb 2 cable. Obvious thing i know but i spent ages trying to work out why a friends drive wouldnt work in usb 2 on my computer only in usb 1 and that was the reason. The cable supplied with his device was incredibly short so he had borrowed his printer cable - which was usb1! Also i found that on portable drives in a caddy, some will work on master or slave - however when in slave they sometimes make the device only work in usb1..... very random!


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The enhanced USB Controller in Device Manager for USB 2 often needs a kick start.
If you select "update" the driver it usually looks to SPI to update itself.
Have that problem on every reinstall with a Gigabyte mobo.


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if you have Winxp sp1 it should find your usb2 devices if you have to upgrade to sp1 you should uninstall the drivers for your usb and after the upgrade and have windows find the devices again. I have a usb2 card that shows up but with a caution sign after applying sp1 but after i uninstall the device and reboot or have windows fine new hardware it then registers as a enhanced usb device(usb2) yourdevice manager should look a bit like this.
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Im not sure if this will help but its a longshot.

When I reinstalled WinXP. SP1a was the first thing I installed, then I downloaded the USB2.0 patch from Windows Update, then I installed SP2. After that, I went to Device Manage, updated the High Speed USB Devices and then USB2.0 worked straight away without restarting.

I never used any other software from my USB2.0 PCI card. Just the Microsoft stuff.

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