Upload speed stinks, not sure why


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Ok, I am using RoadRunner cable internet service with a 1.5MBit/250KBit bandwidth. But no matter what I do I cannot seem to upload at a rate faster than 45k/s. I called RR and they say everything is fine, but then again they always say their stuff is fine.

Is there a way I can check and see if anything on my end is bottlenecking my upload speed? I recently (last night) install a trial of Bulletproof FTP server to transfer a few very large files to my wife in CA and I couldn't get the connection to upload faster than 45k/s. We both have the same cable connection type.

I have also tried to upload large image files to other servers for testing but it still don't exceed aprox. 45k/s.


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i wish i could even upload at a quarter of that speed without choaking my connection, cherish what u have my friend haha!


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Bits != bytes.. know which one you are talking about.

Most ISP's state bandwidth in terms of bits.. most programs (like IE and mozilla) usually default to stating download/upload speed in terms of Bytes.

8 bits = 1 Byte

You do the math and see your 45KBytes is roughly equal to 360KBits which means RR is giving you MORE than your alloted bandwidth.

<sarcasm on>
That makes you one of the few people that have ever called their cable company to complain about them giving you more than what you asked for.
<sarcasm off>



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You know what, your right! Crap, I got all my KBits and Bytes messed up with Megabytes and Bits when I was checking the specs. They are giveing me what I am supposed to get, but I miss read/understood the specs at the time and was thinking it was Megabytes, but that can't be cause my DL speed is only 1.5 megabytes/s.

DOH! I can be such an idiot sometimes.

And ofcourse my wifes DL speed from my FTP will be limited by my max upload speed, damn.


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fitz said:
You do the math and see your 45KBytes is roughly equal to 360KBits which means RR is giving you MORE than your alloted bandwidth.
Thats because RoadRunner's speed is 2000kbps down and 384kbps up, not 1.5/256


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Xie said:
Yeah your speeds are right on unless you upgrade to that new crazy pay out the arse level. :p
yea, but I don't use my FTP server enough to justify the additional cost. Plus I am too poor for more than $45 a month....LOL

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