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Undeletable Folders


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Undeletable Folders [Solved]

Yay, another post. Friend recommended the forums (X-istence) so I guess I can knock out all of these problems I have.

Windows Xp Professional 64bit

I have two files on my computer that I cannot delete, at all. Even from a different operating system.

They are both in this folder. It used to be the windows folder of a previous Windows installation but I had to reinstall and didn't want to lose my files. Went to delete the whole old windows folder and couldn't delete these. Closed explorer and tried to delete them from Command Prompt. No go. So i renamed the folder hoping to be able to delete it next time I booted up. Still no go. Booted into Windows Vista on a different partition still no go.


I looked at the properties of these folders and they say Read Only and I tried to change that but it said I didn't have permission. Yet I am on the Administrator account.

I used to use a tool called Unlocker on my old computer when something like this would happen but it is not compatible with 64bit Windows.

Any ideas?
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Two things to try

(1) Boot up into Safemode With Command Prompt and delete from there

(2) Boot up from your XP CD and get into the recovery console and delete from there

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you will need to change ownership on the file/folders - cant remember the layout of this on vista, but on xp you would select the folder, right click selct properties - secuirty - advanced - owner, click on the name of the person - click apply


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I gave myself full ownership of the folder and it still will not let me delete or change anything about it. It gives me Access is denied.
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Ok, I got it. Even though I had ownership and gave Administrators Full Access to the files, they still had Everyone on the deny list. Once I changed that everything worked fine and I was able to delete. Thanks guys :]

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